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The Dora Milaje in Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #2.

The Dora Milaje are a group that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Dora Milaje were a cadre of elite female warriors in the nation of Wakanda who served as protectors of the ruling Black Panther.

The presence of the Dora Milaje in the Black Panther's family was to serve as potential wives that kept the peace between the city dwellers and the tribal factions of the kingdom. (Black Panther v3 #2) T'Challa saw the role of the group to become more of a ceremonial post. (Black Panther v3 #3)

During his recovery, T'Challa secretly had the Dora Milaje begin training for a new fighting sub-style to combat robots and improve their efficiency to allow them to more effectively dodged force bolts. (Black Panther v5 #8) In order to combat Dr Doom, fighting mistress Aneka devised a new form of combat that combined science and sorcery with the most vicious fighting secrets. She would later lead five hundred warriors into battle against seventy thousand Wakandan troops. (Doomwar v1 #3)

After Thanos's invasion of Wakanda, the Dora Milaje publically broke ties with T'Challa for his lies and secret meetings with Namor despite the Sub-Mariners actions in the past that harmed the Golden City. They revealed their knowledge of these rendezvous when Queen Shuri met with her brother to discuss why he was hiding at the Necropolis. (New Avengers v3 #12)

A crisis in Wakanda emerged when Aneka of the Dora Milaje killed a corrupt chieftain who had been abusing young girls. This caused her to be arrested and tried for being a murderer though a petition was made to the Queen-Mother Ramonda to free her. However, Ramonda refused and instead upheld the sentence. At Fort Hahn, she was rescued by her fellow Dora Milaje Ayo who was her lover as well and the two escaped which made the pair wanted criminals in Wakanda. The pair had taken the prototype Midnight Angel armor and felt that the Black Panther had turned his back on them. (Black Panther v6 #1)

Members of the Dora Milaje later went to America in order to apprehend the renegade Nakia who had acquired a Mimic-27 weapon. (Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever v1 #1)

During the War of the Realms, the forces of the Dark Council came to invade the Earth in order to claim it for their own. In this time, the Dora Milaje worked with heroes in repelling the attackers where they defended Wakanda from the Angels of Heven who looked to claim the entirety of Africa as New Heven. (War of the Realms v1 #5)


They were a cult of warrior women that were dedicated in their protection to the royal family. (Doomwar v1 #3) The group were held as being upholders of Wakanda's laws with these women being exemplars of their nation. (Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #5) They were considered a smart, loyal and powerful force that served the ruler of Wakanda. (X-Men: Wakanda Forever v1 #1) The term Dora Milaje translated into English to mean "Adored Ones" who served as the king's concomitants. (Black Panther v3 #2) They were considered a tribal aspect of Wakandan culture where they served as wives-in-training. (Black Panther v3 #1) All tended to be teenagers with Amazonian styled bodies and trained in some form of martial arts. They only spoke to the ruler of Wakanda and did so exclusively in Hausa. (Black Panther v3 #2) The king often referred to them as "beloved". (Black Panther v3 #3) They were held as champions of their nation who were celebrated in fables and songs. (Black Panther v6 #1)

Service required sacrifice that took more from them than they think they could give and even more beyond imagining. Its recruits were taught to serve, fight, to be fierce and fearless with excellence being the expectation for new recruits. After the completion of their training, they went through an initiation ceremony that formally inducted them into the ranks of the Dora Milaje with the ruling monarch observing the event. Part of this event saw markings put on the warriors so that all could know the honor these women had by serving in the group. (Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #1)

As they were wives-in-training, any act of intercourse or passionate kiss on the lips by the king would be a declaration of intent and thus the girl was unable to marry anyone except the leader of Wakanda. (Black Panther v3 #3) Wakandan culture held this mere act to be the equivalent of a proposal. (Black Panther v3 #4)

An elite unit of Dora Milaje known as the Midnight Angels operated as a special wetworks team. (Doomrwar v1 #5)

They did not remember the weak nor could they pause for tears and regret. (Black Panther v5 #11)

Each Dora Milaje was a daughter of one of the eighteen tribes of Wakanda. (Doomwar v1 #2) Recruits went through numerous initiation trials where one included going into a cave made of Vibranium and seeing a future version of themselves in the echo chamber whilst trying to solve equations. (X-Men: Wakanda Forever v1 #1)

Their headquarters in Wakanda was situated at Upanga. (Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #1)

A special weapon in their arsenal was a Mimic-27 that was a shapeshifting symbiotic supersoldier mass that responded to sound from a special drum and left a Vibranium footprint in its movements. The amoeboid mass could generate arms and alter its shape as commanded by its controller allowing it to perform a range of actions such as generating a number of tentacles to attack its enemies. (Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever v1 #1)


The Dora Milaje in Black Panther v6 #6.
  • Aneka :
  • Nakia : served as T'Challa's personal aide. (Black Panther v3 #1)
  • Okoye : served as T'Challa's chauffeur. (Black Panther v3 #1)
  • Queen Divine Justice :
  • Teela : team leader of the Midnight Angel's. (Doomrwar v1 #6)
  • Zola :
  • Ayo :
  • Folami :
  • Zobae : a former member of the Dora Milaje who for unknown reasons left their ranks and Wakanda where she settled in America in California. Whilst there, she married and had two children named Johnny Watts and Ramone Watts but died when they were teenagers. (West Coast Avengers v3 #9)


  • The Dora Milaje were created by Christopher Priest and Mark Texeira where they make their first appearance in Black Panther v3 #1 (November 1998)
  • In an interview with Christopher Priest, he commented on the Dora Milaje where he stated "The “brides in training,” his bodyguards the Dora Milaje, grew out of Don McGregor’s brilliant concepts of tribal castes within Wakanda, which made perfect sense."
  • It was noted that the Dora Milaje had many similarities to the Dahomey Amazons that were an all-female army that pledged a similar loyalty to the throne and were praised for their bravery and strength.

Alternate Versions

  • In Marvel's Black Panther Prelude v2 (2017), the Dora Milaje appeared in the tie-in comic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

In other media


  • In Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, they make an appearance when T'Challa travels back to Wakanda with the Avengers after enlisting their aid against the Man-Ape. However, as Man-Ape killed T'Challa's father, the Dora Milaje served him and were told to kill Black Panther when he invoked ritual combat. The presence of Captain America led to the Dora Milaje fighting them whilst T'Challa fought against Man-Ape and after his defeat they resumed their service to the Panther tribe.
  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the episode "Line of Fire" has T'Challa order his aide W'Kabi to have the Dora Milaje to get a stolen shipment of Vibranium back to Wakanda whilst the Black Panther went to America to complete his mission of stopping Hammer Multinational's plans to acquire more of the substance for Project Titanium.
  • In Avengers Assemble, the Dora Milaje appeared in the animated series in the episode "Panther's Rage" with Aneka being shown. They were referred to as the bodyguards of the King of Wakanda.


  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Dora Milaje made multiple appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Captain America: Civil War, Ayo appeared in the live-action film though was not named as being a member of the Dora Milaje.
    • In Black Panther, the Dora Milaje featured heavily in the setting of the live-action film. They were shown as being a red-garbed all-female bodyguard detail that defended the king of Wakanda. Several accompanied King T'Chaka during his secret visit to America to check on the activities of his brother. They later went on to serve his son T'Challa after he became king and attended the ceremonial challenge whereby contenders could fight for the throne of the kingdom. Due to tradition, they were bound to serve Erik Killmonger after he seemingly killed T'Challa during a challenge. However, when T'Challa re-emerged they decided to side with him as the challenge required that either a party yield or died thus making Killmonger's claim into question. Thus, they fought against the forces that had sided with Killmonger in the battle.
    • In Avengers: Infinity War, the Dora Milaje appeared in the setting of the live-action film. They participated in the Battle of Wakanda as they fought the army of Thanos to prevent him from claiming the Infinity Stone that resided in the Vision.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, the Dora Milaje appear as one of the defenders of Wakanda during the Fold invasion of the country.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, the Dora Milaje appeared in the setting of the Wii video game. They were female Wakandan warrior that were guardians of the nation and its leader the Black Panther. They assisted their ruler in defending Wakanda from an A.I.M. attack but their souls were stripped of them by M.O.D.O.K. using the Soul Stone allowing him to control their bodies thus turning them against their allies. After M.O.D.O.K.s. defeat, they were restored to normal whereupon the country was freed from A.I.M.s tyranny.


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