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Wakanda in turmoil in Black Panther v6 #1.

Wakanda is a country that features in Marvel Comics.




Royal Wakandans in Black Panther v1 #8.

According to one account, the people that became Wakandans first arrived in their land as pilgrims where they encountered a race of mystical creatures known as the Originators. They were welcomed at first and lived at peace until division caused them to offend the Originators who struck back. This resulted in the humans being routed until heroes emerged and on faith these figures ascended to the ranks of deities. By working together, they struck back against the Originators causing their defeat whereupon the were banished to the nether-realms with the Orishas and their followers standing watch over the gate. From the conquered land, the people established the nation of Wakanda and sought to make it the most advanced land in the world of man. (Black Panther v1 #167) One legend spoke of a time long ago when a tribe of mountain dwelling Wakandans were beset by many enemies and thus sought a means of protecting themselves by summoning the spirit of the Gorilla God Ngi. This merged man and ape together to create a champion called the Gorilla-Man with the tribe thriving for many years. However, over time, the gorilla part of the warrior overtook the man turning him into a wild savage beast that turned against those he was meant to protect. The creature bathed in their blood to become stronger as it sought to be a god of the entire world. The tribal elders had foreseen such an act and crafted magic to seek out a champion who came and slayed Ngi thus taking the gorilla spirit into them to be the new Gorilla-Man. Thus, a line of champions was created whereby a warrior would come to slay the gorilla and take their spirit to be the new Gorilla-Man whilst the tribe themselves became the Jabari. (Marvel Comics Presents v3 #2) The ancestors of Wakandans witnessed a meteor composed of Vibranium crashing onto their lands. They would dig a large furrow in the land and watched as the meteor cooled to become the Vibranium Mound. The early tribesmen then began to mine the hidden Vibranium metal and it was this period that saw the rise of the demon stories. It was said that evil spirits emerged from the Wakandans that turned into monsters that attacked their comrades. In the aftermath, there arose a chieftain named Bashenga who was the first of the Black Panthers. Under his orders, the Mound was closed off and the Panther Cult was formed to protect it against all intruders. Thus, began the legacy of the Black Panther whereby successive descendants of Bashenga adopted the mantle for the protection of their home land. (Black Panther v1 #7)In time, they established their village by the mound following the Great Wandering that contained the sacred metal after being guided there by the Panther God. (Fantastic Four Unlimited v1 #1) It was said that the Panther God Bast was responsible for taking the knowledge of the gods and gifting it to the Wakandans. (Fantastic Four v1 #607)

As far back as the 5th century, the people of Wakanda developed into an advanced culture that managed to effortlessly repel foreign invaders that entered their land. (Black Panther v4 #1) Long ago, Solomon left great treasures and knowledge such as ancient codices that contained alchemical formulae for the elixir of life with him believing these secrets should not be known to mankind. This knowledge was entrusted to the Wakandans with one of the Black Panthers given the task of protecting the secrets at the Grotto of Solomon. (Captain America: Hail Hydra! v1 #3) Ancient Wakandans learnt to manipulate storm clouds to funnel cosmic energies that created pathways that eventually pulled down Vibranium meteorites. (Fall of the Hulks: Alpha v1 #1) Around 800 years ago, Wakandans had travelled to the lands of Asia where they shared knowledge with the Mongols and forged a peace pact with them. (Agents of Atlas v1 #6) The first chieftain of Wakanda was T'Chambwe with the Headdress of T'Chambwe being a noted relic. (Spider-Man/Human Torch v1 #4) In the 19th century, an armed group arrived in Africa seeking the legendary city of Wakanda in order to pillage it but they were massacred by the Black Panther along with his warriors who did so with ease. (Black Panther v4 #1)

During the reign of G'Bundo the Fearless, the king created the Fifth Law that was a philosophical treatise and not a legal issue. Its primary consideration was "compassion tempered by wisdom" that promoted a doctrine of tolerance among the many tribes of Wakanda. In time, this led to the Great Understanding under Assiri the Wise leading in turn to the formation of the Tribal Council. (Black Panther v3 #60) Long ago, a Roman soldier named Flavius Scollio who served under the reign of Emperor Caligula in a distant outpost. His commander dispatched him along with two other soldiers a fallen star in a region in Wakanda with this being an advanced extraterrestrial ship. Flavius's compatriots entered and found a golden-armoured alien who unleashed a weapon that killed the two Roman's and reduced their bodies to skeletons. He then managed to sneak up on the alien and killed it where he wore its armour after thinking he could use it to take over the Roman empire. However, upon wearing the armour, his mind was overwhelmed with information and Flavius had to battle with the alien technology attempting to take over his mind. Upon taking control, he made his way to his former outpost but by this point it had been long abandoned and Flavius used the alien powers he now acquired to erect a mighty tower to be his new kingdom. He then started abducting the 'savage natives' and styled them in the garb of Romans whereupon he took the name of Gaius Tiberius Augustus Agrippa and ruled over his empire that he style in the guise of Rome. In time, the place came to be known as the Black Tower of M'Kumbe which legend had spoken of as a place of great evil and dark magic with people avoiding it. (Fantastic Four v1 #241)

In 1892, Asiri the Wise signed a treaty with a drunken Frenchmen who had stumbled on the secret lands of Wakanda with the latter trading Anishinabe Island in Canada to them but no step was formally made to claim possession of that territory. (Black Panther v3 #42) Scientists from Wakanda had mapped the human genome 50 years before the West. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man v1 #2) A century ago, a brutal war erupted between Wakanda and Z'Gambo until a treaty was signed. Hostilities did not end but no violence erupted as the terms of the treaty meant he border of each nation was sacrosanct. (Defenders v4 #7)

In this time, a Nazi Colonel Frtiz Klaue sought out the lands of Wakanda for Hitler where he took an airship there only to be intercepted by Sergeant Fury who caused it to crash. Klaue was discovered by the Wakandan Chieftain Chanda who with his wife Nanali tended to Fritz for three days till he recovered. Colonel Klaue befriended the Wakandans and made them create the Panther Icon where he attempted to control the native people. This saw Chanda nearly killed but the chieftain was visited by the Panther God that guided him against this threat. (Fantastic Four Unlimited v1 #1) During World War II, the nation of Wakanda was led by Azzuri the Wise who was the ruling Black Panther at this time. Nazi Germany discovered the existence of Vibranium during these years and dispatched an invasion force to plunder the metal from Wakanda. Upon learning of this expedition, the Allies dispatched Captain America and the Howling Commandoes to intercept the enemy before they could accomplish their goal. However, when they arrived, the Nazi forces were found slaughtered by the Black Panther and the Wakandans. As a result, Germany dispatched the Red Skull to take charge of the operation to gather Vibraium from Wakanda. (Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers v1 #1)

By 1959, Nick Fury and the Blonde Phantom went to Wakanda as they were pursuing the Nazi General Skul but he had already left for Madripoor. (Avengers 1959 v1 #3) Geoffrey Sydenham's machinations led to the capture of Prince T'Chaka in order to hold him hostage whilst his Nazi allies pillaged Wakanda of its advanced technology but this plan was stopped by Nick Fury's Avengers team. This saw agents of the U.S. State Department travel to the Latverian capital of Hassenstadt to recover T'Chaka and send him back to Wakanda. (Avengers 1959 v1 #5) Under King T'Chaka, the nation of Wakanda was said to had been reborn and entered into a period of isolation. (Black Panther v3 #1)

Modern Day

A group of Russians posing as archaeologists requested entry into Wakanda in order to find the Tower of M'Kumbe. The Fantastic Four went to investigate where they found the expedition members killed and they were taken by soldiers in Roman garb. Taking the heroes captive, they entered into the Black Tower where they were brought into a replica of ancient Rome and the places ruler who was named Gaius Tiberius Augustus Agrippa. Upon seeing the Fantastic Four, he took a fancy to Frankie Raye but when she used her powers against him he neutralised her abilities and those of her superhero comrades. He then commanded his soldiers to take the Invisible Woman to his chambers, the others to the gladiatorial pits and Frankie Raye to the dungeons to face punishment for her defiance. Meanwhile, T'Challa had managed to sneak into the Black Tower as a slave and used his hidden garb to learn more about this mysterious kingdom and to free his friends. Elsewhere, Emperor Agrippa intended to claim Susan Storm as his bride where he revealed his origins to her and forced her to watch a gladiatorial match between her brother Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm. With Agrippa's attention diverted, she managed to remove his helmet which proved fatal as it was the only thing keeping the ancient Roman from dying and his body fell vacant as a result thus ending his control over his kingdom. (Fantastic Four v1 #241)

In Wakanda, King T'Challa had set up a refugee camp by the kingdoms border region where tribesmen were seeking asylum from regional ethnic wars. This resulted in further tensions as these groups brought their grievances with them and against each other thus further aggravating the Wakandans. Meanwhile, in America, the Black Panther helped create the Tomorrow Fund initiative to aid needy children in the areas of Brookyln, New York. A scandal later emerged over mismanagement of funds with reports of embezzlement of money leading to the event being referred to as Wakandagate. This became the source of a major diplomatic incident forcing King T'Challa to investigate the event that had resulted in the death of several children. (Black Panther v3 #1)

A state of war was declared between Deviant Lemuria and Wakanda following the declaration of hostilities by the High Priest Ghaur. (Black Panther v3 #27)

At some point, a movement formed known as the 'Desturi' that grew dissatisfied with the actions of the Wakandan government and royal family. This group sought the return of the old traditions and had xenophobic views that led to them becoming a violent faction that attacked the Wakandan royal family. (Black Panther v5 #10)

This culminated in their coup of the government where they arrested Queen Storm and put on her trial with the possibility of execution. In addition, the Desturi moved towards expelling all ambassadors and outsiders from the country without exception as they closed their borders. Unknown to people, the Desturi were actually supported in their takeover of the government by Doctor Doom. (Doomwar v1 #1)

The Kingpin orchestrated a secret plot to take control of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Wakanda. From there, he intended to foreclose accounts that were in arrears and take control of unexploited resources on the owners respective lands. From there, he intended to subvert control of the entire country and thus he began to use Hand ninjas to either assassinate a director or force the compliance of the others. (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive! v1 #526) This attracted the attention of T'Challa where he worked with his allies in stopping the Kingpin from succeeding in taking over the bank. (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive! v1 #528)

Wakanda later established its embassy in one of the three wings of the Triskelion whilst Black Panther T'Challa worked with the Ultimates in combating threats of cosmic scope. This led to some worries among members in the United Nations that Wakanda had allied with the United States on a military level. However, T'Challa stated that this was only an exploration joint venture and that the United States would hold Wakanda back if they were formal military based allies. (Ultimates v2 #1)

Through hypnotic suggestion, Doctor Fautus subverted elements of the Wakandan population. This allowed Hydra to take over the country during hostilities with that nation and in turn made it possible for the Black Panther to be captured in order to acquire his piece of the Cosmic Cube. (Captain America v8 #25)

During the War of the Realms, the Earth was invaded by the forces of the Dark Council with the Angels of Heven attempting to lay claim to Africa as New Heven. This saw them facing resistance from bands of heroes from Wakanda who managed to repel the invaders. (War of the Realms v1 #5)

After Storm took the Skybreaker sword forcibly, King T'Challa ordered the Krakoan Gateway destroyed as a result of her actions. (Marauders v1 #13)



The country did not have any fault lines along its section of the tectonic plate. (Black Panther v4 #4) It was said to possess large deposits of oil that was not utilized. (Black Panther v4 #1) Due to its sophistication, Wakanda had not enjoyed peaceful relations with its neighbours but its borders were protected by hills, mountains and the sprawling lake. However, it had an open border with the country of Niganda that was its poorer neighbour to the south. Nigandans were envious of Wakanda's rise and attributed this to the Alkama Fields that they believed belong to them and was an ancient injury which was why they were on a hostile footing with their neighbour. (Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #1)

It was home to a wide range of creatures such as the White Gorillas that were held as the most savage and merciless of beasts. (Avengers v1 #62)

A special kind of fungus known as Vibe Coral grew within the Vibranium mines where exposure to the metal caused it to mutate and develop mystical qualities. Anyone within the presence of it began to experience intense visions and hallucinations that were different for each person. Attempts to destroy the fungus failed as it always grew back and people were required to use a special nanotech pill to become immune to the coral's effects. (Shuri v1 #9)

Locations in the country included:

  • Black Warrior Creek : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Central Wakanda :
  • Chasm of the Chilling Mist : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Crystal Forest :
  • Domain of the White Gorillas : mostly uncharted area. (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Mount Kanda : this area was home to the heart-shaped herb used by the Black Panthers. (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Mount Wakanda :
  • Panther Island : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Paradise Forest :
  • Piranha Cove : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • River of Grace and Wisdom : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • T'Chaka Path : a walkway situated in Central Wakanda. (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Torment Forest :
  • Tranquility Temple :
  • Twisted Visions Lake : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Vibranium Mound : The Mound was also referred to as the Eternal Peak with it being the chieftain’s duty to guard it with their life. (Avengers v1 #87) To better protect it, T'Challa created the Trans-Human Robot (THROB) that was a humanoid robot consisting of plastic flesh covering a bone structure made of pure Vibranium that could absorb an opponents attacks and redirect them back at them. (Fantastic Four v1 #311)
  • Warrior Falls : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Serpent Valley : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Woods of Solitude : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Primitive Peaks : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Great Plateau : (Jungle Action v2 #6)
  • Temple of Anansi : the temple of the spider god. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man v1 #2)
  • Caves of Bast : site of T'Challah's combat lab. (Doomwar v1 #5)
  • Nowhere Room : a special chamber newly created by T'Challah as part of his development of shadow physics and used to combat Doctor Doom's conquest of Wakanda. (Doomwar v1 #5)
  • Grotto of Solomon : a vault containing the secrets of Solomon situated in Southwestern Wakanda and protected by the Black Panther. (Captain America: Hail Hydra! v1 #3)
  • Fort Hahn : a prison. (Black Panther v6 #1)
  • Upanga : headquarters for the Dora Milaje and site where they trained their warriors. (Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #1)
  • Alkama Fields : held as the breadbasket of Wakanda for centuries with Nigandans claiming that it had once belonged to them before it was taken from them by the Wakandans. (Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #1)
  • Serpent Valley :
  • Birnin Zana : the Golden City. (Black Panther v6 #9)
  • Birnin Azzaria : the Learned City. (Black Panther v6 #9)
  • Birnin Tsauni : a city situated by the Western Foothills. (Black Panther v6 #16)
  • Birnin Benhazin : situated in the Kinamasi Region near the border with Azania. (Black Panther v6 #17)
  • Obodo Agha : a village located in the Alkama Fields. (Black Panther v6 #17)
  • Red Rock : (Infinity: The Hunt v1 #3)
  • Spire of Val'Holuth : (New Avengers v3 #10)
  • Temple of the Heart of Wakanda : built as a museum to hold their ancient weapons after the Wakandans moved beyond the use of a sword. It became as a symbol of the spirit of Wakanda and as a resting place of sacred weapons never to be moved from the country. Guarded by priests, it had 24 hours surveillance and drone patrols along with automated machines to defend against intruders. (Marauders v1 #13)
  • Necropolis : the Wakandan City of the Dead that was an ancient part of the land located underground beneath the Wall of Remembrance which served as the site where fallen Black Panthers were laid to rest. It was forbidden for the living to enter within its depths as it was reserved for the dead and dying. (Fantastic Four v1 #608)
  • Black Tower of M'Kumbe : a prominent place of dark legend that was said to be older than the Wakanda people. It was feared as a site of black magic and great evil with few venturing into the area. (Fantastic Four v1 #241)

Each city in Wakanda began with the appellation of Birnin that was Wakandan for 'city'. Each city was named after a famous Black Panther that operated more akin to a fortress which protected the entryways into the country. Wakanda was navigable mostly by the river system with the political geography being dominated by this fact. (Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #1) Certain areas outside the cities were known as Mute Zones with these being off the grid except for power. These simple towns had people elect a group of teenagers that were responsible for the settlement. It was said that many people came to the Mute Zone in order to disappear. (Black Panther: Long Live The King v1 #2)

A micro-nation city-state that bordered Wakanda was Z’Gambo. (Defenders v4 #7)


Inhabitants of their country were stated to hold a warrior spirit unlike any other. (Black Panther v4 #1) Wakandans were noted for being a warrior people but one that had deep appreciation for other cultures. (Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers v1 #2) Wakandans were divided into primarily two groups namely the city dwellers and the marsh tribesmen who hated one another though they hated outsiders even more. (Black Panther v3 #1)

Historically, during times of trouble, women in Wakanda often met in secret as part of a practice known as the Elephant's Trunk though this tradition had fallen to the wayside in latter years. (Shuri v1 #1)

As part of its social service, Wakanda provided free health care to all its citizens. (Black Panther v4 #25)

The Panther God manifests in Black Panther v5 #4.

There were a number of different cults that operated in the country which included the:

  • Panther Cult : worshippers of Bastat the Panther Goddess with the cult being formed shortly after the Vibranium meteor landed in Wakanda and began mutating several of the populace into "demon spirits" that attacked their fellows. Bashenga became the first Black Panther who closed the mound from outsiders and formed a religious order. This group guarded the mound and fought the "demon spirits" to prevent their spread into the kingdom. Thus, the Black Panther became a ceremonial and religious title held by the chief of the Panther Tribe where its inductees ate a heart-shaped herb that enhanced their physical attributes to near superhuman levels. The clerical distinctions within the cult included acolyte White Tigers, deacon-like Golden Lion's, Coal Tigers and the chieftain who was the Black Panther. (Black Panther v3 #60)
  • White Gorilla Cult : worshippers of Ghekre the Gorilla God was an ancient Wakandan deity though the cult itself was outlawed by the Black Panther Cult. The Jabari Tribe was the Cult of the White Gorilla with the clan outlawed by the Black Panther. (Black Panther v3 #41)
  • Lion Cult : worshippers of Sekhmet the Lion God that could possess a sanctified body and transform them into avatars of itself. She had seemingly lost many worshippers to the Cult of the Panther God. (Avengers v1 #112)
  • Crocodile Cult : worshippers of Sobek the Crocodile God who was an ancient but somewhat forgotten Wakandan deity.
  • Hyena Clan : known as the Exiled Ones who were an excommunicated group of scavengers that operated on Wakanda's society's fringes. (Rise of the Black Panther v1 #4) They were a hated nomadic group of scavengers and thieves that called no area home as they prowled the continent taking anything they wanted and killed anyone that stood in their way. (FF v1 #19)
  • Mountain Tribes : a group existing within the mountains of Wakanda. (Marvel Super-Heroes v2 #1)
  • Marsh Tribes : a group living by the marshes of Wakanda. (Doomwar v1 #1)

The early Wakandans came to believe that the black-furred panthers that roamed the Great Mound protected it leading to their deification of the animal.(Black Panther v3 #5) An old Wakandain fable was that of Bast's mistake that spoke of a time when the goddess encountered the Sad Tribe during the beginning of the world. She found them unhappy and questioned them on the source of their sadness with them stating that the gods kept their secrets and gifts to themselves whilst mankind had to make do with scraps. In pity, she present the tribe with gifts and powers before departing with her leaving for a year. Upon returning, she found a city devastated and all members of the Sad Tribe having been killed from fighting and sadness. The lesson from this tale was that Bast did not allow the tribe to grow and evolve naturally with them destroying themselves in the process. (Black Panther: Soul of a Machine v1 #2) Another tale told was the Parable of Zami that said, "A free house is not built with a slave-drivers tools." (Black Panther v6 #9) In Wakandan myth, white apes were held as the ever adversary of the black panthers. It was said that the ape each day killed the cat only for the latter to be reborn the following dawn. (Black Panther v2 #1)

Many of the gods of Egypt were largely derived from the ancient gods of Africa. Many of these celestial deities were even suspected as being the same entities. (Black Panther v3 #21) The Orisha for time immemorial served as the gods of Wakanda who safeguarded its people. (Black Panther v6 #13) It was said that the Wakandan deities did not interfere in the affairs of the mortal world. (Black Panther v5 #3) There were two major religions in Wakanda with one holding faith in the panther and the other in the white gorilla. (Jungle Action v2 #13) Though referred to as a god, the Wakandans held the view that the Panther God was not a deity but rather an elder brother of the forest. (Fantastic Four Unlimited v1 #1) Among the deities of Wakanda included:

  • Bast : the panther goddess who gave the Black Panthers their title. (Black Panther v6 #13)
  • Kokou : god of war who offered strength. (Black Panther v6 #13)
  • Mujaji : who offered to feed worshippers whose shamans beseeched the god for rain for crops. (Black Panther v6 #13)
  • Thoth : god of knowledge. (Black Panther v6 #13)
  • Ptah : the Shaper who served as a smith of the gods. (Black Panther v6 #13)
  • Lion God : a deity that was the Lion Lord and ruled a fringe cult who lost followers to the Panther God. (Avengers v1 #112)
  • Ngi : a gorilla god spirit called forth by the ancient Jabari to be their protector thus creating the line of champions who took the name Gorilla-Man. (Marvel Comics Presents v3 #2)
  • Ghekre: another gorilla god worship by the Jabari Tribe. (Thor & Hercules: Encyclopaedia Mythologica #1)
  • K'liluna : a feline goddess known as the Betrayer, this leopard skinned deity was said to be the sister of Bast who at the dawn of Wakanda sought to assume power leading to her betraying Mother Bast and was cast into oblivion. She was represented in Wakanda but not as an act of tribute but of warning with her name not openly spoken. (Killmonger v1 #5)

Ancient Wakandan lore such as the Saga of Mari-Djata spoke of serpentine many armed creatures called the Simbi. These beings were a warrior race that plagued the Wakandans ancestors and operated as slavers who raided villages for labor. (Black Panther v6 #13) One realm within Wakandan beliefs was the Djalia that was considered memory incarnate and contained histories before the official recording of history. (Black Panther v1 #167) An aspect of the afterlife they believed in was the D'yshalah that was held as the great shore of the universe where the wronged dead waited for justice in the world of the living. (Killmonger v1 #1)

Their ancestors had crafted animal shaped totems to commune with ancient primal spirits. Only properly trained people were allowed access to them as the arcane forces inhabiting the totem could possess the user. Mortal spirits were said to not be capable of surviving possession for long by the entities trapped within a totem as the force within tended to prey on humans. (Avengers - Another Day To Save v1 #1) A festival celebrated by their people was the Ubusuku Bokufa (Night of the Dead) which was a time where the veil between the worlds of life and death were thinnest allowing their ancestors to walk beside them. (Black Panther vs. Deadpool v1 #1)

The Black Panther was regarded as the immortal guardian of the nation of Wakanda. (Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers v1 #2) To become chieftain, a warrior had to undergo the Ascension Rites with tests of knowledge and combat with the latter involving a fight with four skilled Wakandan warriors with these being observed by the tribal high council. This was governed by the Law of Ascension whereby Title 14 stated that anyone the king decreed as a worthy challenger must be allowed to continue. Under Wakandan law, the battle was preceded by the interrogatories. (Black Panther v3 #60) The white Robe of Ascendancy were placed on the ruling chieftain of Wakanda. (Black Panther v2 #4) Every chieftain of Wakanda were pledged to protect the Sacred Mound of Vibranium with their lives. (Fantastic Four v1 #53) Trials were sometimes conducted to see whether the ruling chieftain still held the panther spirit in them. These rituals were known as the Ordeal of the White Ape whereby they must battle the large white apes in the mountains in order to claim a sacred leaf to return to the tribal elders. (Black Panther v2 #1) In ancient times, Wakandan chieftains had acolytes that were novices in training who support their work. (Black Panther v3 #61) Wakandan protocol stated that if the ruling king was incapacitated than leadership fell to the queen until such a time that he had returned. (Black Panther v5 #2) On Challenge Day, those that opposed the rule of the monarch could fight them in one-on-one combat for control of the throne. (Rise of the Black Panther v1 #3) Through ingesting a special drink, individuals could join the Black Panther in meeting the members of the ancestral Panther Council. This saw them join the psychescape of ancestral panther memory. (Defenders v4 #7)

They had a number of relics to their people that included; the Headdress of T'Chambwe (Spider-Man/Human Torch v1 #4), and the Spear of Bashenga. (Black Panther v3 #21) The Arms of Wakanda consisted of the most revered weapons within the kingdom. These included Nation Maker that was a blade that once belonged to the founder of the capital city which had struck down a thousand foes. Another weapon was the Panther's Claws that were the traditional blades of the Black Panther that remained as sharp as the day they were first forged. The King's Mercy was another arm that belonged to the former Black Panther King T'Chaka that adapted to the wielders strengths as well as increased their speeds of attacks. The most prized of these was Skybreaker forged by Olumo who was the one to find Vibranium and crafted a piece of it into a sword after realising its edge could never dull where he made it at a forge he built near a volcano. The weapon served as a conduit which could convert small amounts of energy into exponentially large amounts by amplifying and channelling the power. (Marauders v1 #13) The highest honor that could be given in Wakanda was the Circlet of Bast that was awarded to those who had achieved great feats. (Ironheart v1 #12)

A number of organizations were situated within the Wakandan hierarchy that included:

  • Tribal Council : The High Council of the Wakandas that was held as the law of their land and was formed by G'Bundo's doctrine of tolerance among the tribes. It served as the Wakandan parliament that was made up of 18 ministers representing a couple of dozen indigenous tribes that rarely agreed with one another. (Black Panther v3 #60) The leaders of Wakanda met at the Parliament of Elders with the king preceding over the sessions. (Fantastic Force v1 #5)
  • Taifa Ngao : an advisory council whose name translated to mean 'Shield of the Nation' with their task being advising the ruler. (Black Panther v6 #2)
  • Dora Milaje :
  • Hatut Zeraze :
  • Order of the Panther : It was claimed that they hated the tribal elder council's adherence to the old ways. (Black Panther v2 #3) They bore their own codes that highlighted the importance of their reports to their superiors. (Black Panther v2 #2)
  • P.R.I.D.E. : the Princess Regent Intelligence Division Executives that supported Princess-Regent Shuri. (Black Panther v5 #9)
  • Desturi : a fundamental dissident group whose name was Swahili meant 'Tradition' who were deeply xenophobic and opposed outsiders. (Doomwar v1 #1)
  • Wakanda Design Group :
  • Wakandan School of Alternative Students : (Infinity: The Hunt v1 #1)
  • Wakandan Science Academy : an institution for learning and scientific development with among its divisions being the Advanced Studies Group. (Black Panther: Soul of a Machine v1 #1)
  • Wakanda Air : an airline noted for offering first-class flights to Wakanda. (Daredevil v4 #7)
  • Bank of Wakanda : a financial institution that had close ties to the Royal Family. It was managed by a Board of Directors. Princess-Regent Shuri used her influence to ensure that the bank allowed debtors time to repay any loans. (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive! v1 #526)

Wakandans rarely saw brazen attacks made over money as transactions were handled electronically with this being deemed the highly safe and secure. As a result, citizens rested knowing that their assets were well protected. (Avengers - Another Day To Save v1 #1) They maintained a vast spy network that was not unlike that employed by the West. (Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers v1 #2) These were known as the N'Charu Silema which translated to mean, "The Sound that Leaves make when Danger is on the Wind". (Rise of the Black Panther v1 #3) It was considered as good as the Mossad and certainly better than the CIA. (Black Panther v4 #3)

The nation had a multi-layered defence grid with triple redundancies where it operated on a worst case scenario that saw it operating at 500% based on tactical needs. Thus, it was said that Wakanda could not be defeated by straight forward assaults. (Doomwar v1 #1) A division within its army forces was the Bashenga Unit that were equipped with rocket-packs and armed with Vibranium spears that dealt damage to targets struck by the weapons. (Rise of the Black Panther v1 #1) Its Air Guard wore flight suits that utilized wrist cannons which were backup weapons for the user. (Black Panther v5 #7) Members of the air patrol were sophisticated suits made of indestructible metal that enabled them to fly in formation where they secured their empire by putting down guerrilla uprisings and terrorists. (Daredevil v1 #245)

In the Wakandan language, there was no word for 'grovel' but there were 23 different words for 'fight'. (War of the Realms v1 #5)

Though the Wakandan tribe lived the tradition of their forefathers, they possessed modern super-scientific wonders. (Fantastic Four v1 #53) Vibranium was the core of their entire technology with it being part of medicine, defense, computers and water purification system. (Age of Heroes v1 #4) It was the most scientifically and technologically advanced country on the planet. (Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #1) Special plants were harvested for use that promoted healing at a fast rate with their medical knowledge being advanced. (Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers v1 #2) They had a variety of eco-friendly alternative power sources such as solar or hydrogen. (Black Panther v4 #1) For decades, they had not used fossil fuels with them instead extensively using Vibranium. Vibranium had been used to coat the pools where midwives helped in the birth of children by creating a peaceful environment and was used by hunters to keep their tracks silent during hunting for prey. It was used in every aspect of their lives with special training being made on its mining at the Extraction Academy who believed that the metal had to be brought to life by singing. (Rise of the Black Panther v1 #3)

Wakanda was held as the most technologically advanced society of the free world. (Black Panther v3 #1) Its advancement came as the result of studying Vibranium after it was used to forge the first sword used by the Wakanda founder.(Marauders v1 #13) Their security technology was said to be among the best in the world. (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive! v1 #527) Their scientists were said to had visualised the atom a full century earlier than commonly believed. (Fantastic Four v1 #607) It was said that they had pioneered magnetic pulse technology in the year 1984. (Black Panther v3 #1) One device was a handheld dome shaped machine called a Wakandan Research Module that could produce holographic representations of information within its database. (Agents of Atlas v1 #2)

They created sound absorbers that were able to absorb all sound in a given area that nullified any noise making a field that was of complete silence. (Defenders v1 #86) Wakandans had access to supersonic jets that could cross from their homeland to America in the span of less than three hours. (Black Panther v3 #1)

As far back as the mid-20th century did the Wakandans employ sophisticated surveillance satellites at a time when no such technology existed among nation states. (Avengers 1959 v1 #3) Defensively, they used of advanced protection totems that were large machines that emerged from the ground amidst the enemy ranks and generated a field that made weapons ineffective and machinery unable to function. (Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers v1 #2) They also created panther-like robots that could be deployed into the field with these known as Pouncers that possessed integrated weapons. (Rise of the Black Panther v1 #6)

Vibranium was not the only natural wonder of Wakanda as they also studied a geothermal anomaly that was a ‘cold volcano’. (Excalibur v1 #59)

They manufactured N'Yami-class motherships that were battle cruisers which were effectively weapons of mass destruction roughly the size of Jupiter 2 and was able to destroy entire cities. These craft were crewed by 150 heavily armed Wakandan Special Forces Group soldiers and carried a compliment of 10 Talon Fighters. Such motherships were equally able to operate readily in outer space or on the ocean floor. (Black Panther v3 #27)

A superweapon developed by Wakanda was Project Koukou that involved using a sub-orbital drop of a shock bomb payload from orbit with the impact from the kinetic blow destroying entire cities allowing them to strike without detection. It was deemed as a means of taking any aggressors by hitting their cities in response to an attack. (Rise of the Black Panther v1 #6)


The Panther Clan rulers of Wakanda in Black Panther: World of Wakanda v1 #1.
  • Olumo : the Father of Wakanda who long ago discovered the meteor of Vibranium and studied it where alongside his children he forged the blade Skybreaker. (Marauders v1 #13)
  • T'Challa :
  • T'Chaka :
  • Azzari :
  • Bashenga : male chieftain that closed the Vibranium Mound from outsiders and became the first Black Panther who created the Panther Cult to protect the Vibranium. (Black Panther v1 #7)
  • Ororo Monroe : upon her marriage to T’Challa her married name was Ororo Iqadi T’Challa whilst her full title in the Hausa dialect would take five minutes to be said though in short form she was also addressed as Ororo Komo Wakandas. (Astonishing X-Men v3 #25)
  • N’Gassi : (Black Panther v1 #6)
  • N’Baza : older male who was a witch doctor and trusted council to T’Chaka where he served as regent of Wakanda upon his friends death. He sent his son B’Tumba to accompany T’Challa during his education abroad and waited for the prince to return to claim the title of chieftain. (Avengers v1 #87) At some point, he was noted to had passed away when T’Challa ruled as king of Wakanda. (Fantastic Four Unlimited v1 #1)
  • B’Tumba : a male who was son of N’Baza and was a childhood friend of T’Challa. After King T’Chaka’s death, B’Tumba was sent to accompany the prince as he left the country to study abroad in the finest schools. However, B’Tumba resented his friend for being in his shadow leading to him secretly being recruited into A.I.M. when the two Wakandans studied in Europe. After graduation, B’Tumba informed A.I.M. of Vibranium with the organization looking to harvest some of it illegally for their experiments with himself assigned as Squadron Leader. They were confronted by the new Black Panther T’Challa where B’Tumba was tasked eliminating his friend. Despite his anger, he could not kill his childhood friend and turned on A.I.M. who ultimately killed him. (Avengers v1 #87)
  • Chanda : male Wakandan who was a former chieftain along with being the husband of Nanali and father of T’Chaka. (Fantastic Four Unlimited v1 #1) This contradicts other sources which state that T’Chaka’s father was Azzuri.
  • Nanali : female Wakandan who was the wife of Chanda and mother of T’Chaka. (Fantastic Four Unlimited v1 #1)
  • Jakarra :
  • Mateena :
  • M'Baku :
  • Solomon Prey :
  • Malaika : a female Wakandan who was the trade envoy to Paris and also a member of the Order of the Panther. (Black Panther v2 #2)
  • Kono : a male boy that was the chief priest at Tranquility Temple. (Black Panther v3 #21)
  • K'Tela :a female bald headed minister with an eye patch over her left eye who knew Nick Fury. (Avengers 1959 v1 #3)
  • Kimbay : (Black Panther v3 #35)
  • Chanda : male chieftain married to Nanali who was the father of T'Chaka. (Fantastic Four Unlimited v1 #1)
  • M'Daka : support staff and mechanic who worked for the Avengers. (Captain America v1 #342)
  • Mendinao : (Jungle Action v1 #8)
  • M'Gari : operated as the chauffeur for T'Challa who was based at the Wakandan embassy in New York with him loving American movies. (Marvel Premiere v1 #51)
  • N'Baza : a male Wakandan that had become a witch doctor who was the father of B'Tumba and uncle to T'Challa. After T'Chaka's death, N'Baza served as regent and sent his nephew abroad for study. (Avengers v1 #87)
  • Mubaru : male bald headed Wakandan who was assigned to the cabinet and represented the Mountain Tribes where he turned against King T'Challa leading to a battle between the two. (Marvel Super-Heroes v2 #1)
  • G'Tuga : male who was the last son of an old family and tenth cousin of M'Baku who was appointment to the new Wakandan parliament. (Age of Heroes v1 #4)
  • Bako : unified Wakanda and ushered in the 5th Dynasty of the New Dominion. (Black Panther v6 #8)
  • Sologon : Queen-Mother born to Chieftain Bako who was given to marriage to Maghan Kanate who was the most powerful chieftain of that age. (Black Panther v6 #8)
  • Obinna Nwabueze : a Nigerian who emigrated and became researcher loyal to King T'Chaka's where he studied the Vibranium hill mound. (Black Panther: Long Live The King v1 #2) He was tasked by T'Chaka with the creation of a weapon to protect Wakanda in the future with the professor looking to create Sentient Vibranium leading to experiments in the Mute Zone at a hill where he was trapped and died leaving his creation to terrorise the land afterwards. (Black Panther: Long Live The King v1 #5)
  • Shoon'kwa : a female Wakandan who was related to the royal family where she from a young age served as a general on the battlefield. (Domino v3 #7) Her father was a soldier and her mother was once one of the Dora Milaje with the young Shoon'kwa being a kind gentle girl but she became deathly ill with no cure for her condition. The teenage girl was on her death bed when she was visited by the spirit of the last Atlas Bear of Africa who offered her life by bonding with her which she accepted but became afflicted with visions of extinction events that would befall humanity. Shook'kwa took on the identity of the Atlas Bear and attempted to warn others of the coming dangers but this was not popular opinion leading to her eventual exile though she continued to use her resources to help stop threats to mankind. (Domino v3 #9)
  • T'Kan :
  • Zuwena : an older female Wakandan who was the Director of the Extraction Academy. (Shuri v1 #1)
  • Mansa : a female Wakandan from Q'Noma Valley who had just graduated from high school. (Shuri v1 #1)
  • Tiwa : a female Wakandan who was a mother of four and a professor of physics at Wakanda University. (Shuri v1 #1)
  • Bube : a female Wakandan who was a mother of two. (Shuri v1 #1)
  • Solomon Prey : a bald male Wakandan who went abroad to study at Harvard Universty where he changed his given name to that of Solomon Prey. (Black Panther: Panther’s Prey v1 #1)
  • T'Konda : a former Black Panther who was known as the Wall. (Fantastic Four v1 #608)
  • Hu'Nahn: a former Black Panther who was known as the Defiant. (Fantastic Four v1 #608)
  • A'Kurru U'mbaya : a male Wakandan who was noted for being their nation’s most brilliant scientist who after the death of his daughter Mikina caused him to fall into a deep despair as he transformed himself into a creature of wood known as Icon where he attempted to take over the country. (Excalibur v1 #60)
  • M'Koni : a female Wakandan of the royal family of T'Chaka who was cousin of T'Challa. She came to marry a soldier of the air patrol who went by the name of Wheeler with the pair deciding to move to America. Once there, she took the name of Mary and had a child whilst her husband supported them. (Daredevil v1 #245)
  • K'Tamo Chatarko : a female Wakandan who was on the Board of Directors for the Bank of Wakanda with her being targeted for assassination by the Hand as part of the Kingpin's plan to take over that financial institution. (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive! v1 #527)
  • J'Baro : bald headed male member of the Jabari clan and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Wakanda. He despised T'Challa and looked to help the Kingpin of Crime subvert Wakanda. (Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive! v1 #527)
  • Death Tiger : a highly skilled male Wakandan assassin. (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes v2 #7) He was hired to kill T'Challa when he was operating in America. (Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes v2 #8)
  • M'Naka : (Fantastic Four v1 #241)


  • Wakanda was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #52 (July, 1966).

Alternate Versions

  • In Fantastic Four: The End v1 (2006), Wakanda was shown to exist in the alternate world future setting where Earth experienced a Utopia following the advancements Reed Richards shared with the world. The country was under the rule of King T'Challa who was the Black Panther and had a son named T'Chaka. Advancements in technology had allowed Wakanda to reclaim the desolate parts of their land and made it a more vibrant environment.
  • In X-Men: Forever v2 (2009), an alternate reality version of the country featured in a reality designated as Earth-161. This version was ruled by the Wakandan royal family until a Bio-Synth duplicate of Storm arrived to hold a romantic relationship with Black Panther. T'Challa believed the Bio-Synth was the real Ororo Munroe allowing the duplicate to conspire with his foe Erik Killmonger to get him assassinated along with the rest of the royal family. However, the Bio-Synth betrayed Killmonger and blamed him for the death of the royal family allowing her to be appointed as Wakanda's new beloved ruler. In this time, the statues dedicated to the Panther God were torn down and instead replaced with ones in the likeness of Ororo Munroe who they called the Perfect Storm. The villainous Perfect Storm was defeated by another clone of Ororo Munroe that was an energy form that had manifested in her likeness who operated as the Ghost Panther. With the defeat of Perfect Storm, the Ghost Panther began to rule Wakanda where she maintained good relations with the X-Men and Avengers.
  • In Marvel's Black Panther Prelude v1 (2017), Wakanda appeared in the tie-in comic to the Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

In other media


  • In Fantastic Four, Wakanda made an appearance in the animated television series in the episode "Prey of the Black Panther" where it was said to be a not a well known country situated in Africa. It was home to Vibranium that was protected by the Wakandan people where 10 years ago the scientist Ulysses Klaw attempted to plunder the region of the mineral to power his sonic devices. He was opposed by T'Challa's father with the chieftain being killed by Klaw and in anger the young T'Challa managed to wound Klaw with his own sonic weapon forcing the villain to flee. T'Challa would then embark on becoming the Black Panther where he built a fortune and his body along with his mind in order to get his revenge against Klaw. He crafted an entire technological jungle and brought the Fantastic Four to his home in order to defeat them as he reasoned that if he could beat them than he could defeat Klaw. At the time, Klaw had used his technology to terrorize Wakanda by generating red skinned animals of pure sound to attack the people until Black Panther along with the Fantastic Four defeated him.
  • In Black Panther, Wakanda featured in the setting of the animated Marvel Knights television series.
  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Wakanda featured in a number of episodes in the animated series. There were number of locations in the country which include 'Torment Forest', 'Piranha Cove' and 'Chasm of Chilling Mist'. In "Welcome to Wakanda", its revealed that they were an isolationist nation that had advanced technology and access to a unique mineral called Vibranium. It was ruled by a King that held the position of Black Panther with the modern age incarnation being T'Chaka until he was killed by Man-Ape with the secret assistance of Klaw. With T'Chaka dead, the ruling Panther Tribe's control fell to the Man-Ape with Prince T'Challa seeking vengeance where he sought out allies to help liberate Wakanda. In "Panther's Quest", T'Challa approached the Avengers after testing their skills and wanted their aid in regaining his kingdom. By this point, Man-Ape had forged an alliance with HYDRA where he was providing them Vibranium as he felt it was a crutch for Wakanda. The tradition bound Wakandans had no choice but to follow Man-Ape due to him winning the trial of combat which meant that they battled the Avengers. With Captain American's aid, the Black Panther T'Challa confronted Man-Ape and managed to defeat him thus regaining the throne where he wished to end his country's isolation from the rest of the world.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Wakanda appeared in the animated television series in the episode "Panther's Rage". It was an isolationist state that had existed for centuries with its greatest secret being Vibranium. Outsiders were traditionally not allowed to stay at the Wakandan Palace. Long ago, the inhabitants of this land in Africa faced constant predation from Atlantean raiders whose superior steel destroyed the natives tools thus preventing them from defending themselves. In response, the Wakandans established the Panther Clan to serve as protectors of their people but they were unable to combat their technologically superior foe. This was until Bashenga and his twin sister Bast discovered the site of a crashed meteor that contained Vibranium along with an unnatural metal later known as Bashenga's Core which corrupted those that touched it. Bashenga used Vibranium to arm his warriors to defend their sanctuary that became Wakanda though his sister advocated going on the offensive against the Atlanteans. Ultimately, she went against his orders to not use Bashenga's Core where the corrupted power was used by her to destroy the Atlantean stronghold. In the time afterwards, the line of the Black Panther was established who served as kings and protectors of Wakanda. One site in Wakanda was the Hall of Royals that had a mechanical guardian to scan arrivals to allow them entry into a tomb containing the remains of former Black Panther rulers of Wakanda such as Yemandi the Wandering Queen and T'Chanda. In the episode "Sneakers", it was said that Wakandan palace was built over the original with that in turn being built over the Vibranium mines. Within there, numerous traps were present based on the folktale on the Curious Jackal with these serving to guard a statue of a crocodile. On the statue was the Amulet of the Crocodile Spirit that when worn gave their user great power over Vibranium but the spirit threatened to overtake the user turning them into giants. Only a Wakandan and an outsider working together could be able to remove the amulet and defeat the user. Wakandan mythology spoke of demons called Kawulo that once preyed on them with these actually being Vibranium-mutated bats that had grown to giant size and had sonic attacks. A creation of the Wakandans was the Gyroforge that was a device able to generate considerable amounts of energy to power their technology with one such machine installed at the Wakandan Embassy in New York.
  • In Marvel Future Avengers, Wakanda appeared in the setting of the animated television series. It was shown to be an isolationist nation that possessed the rare mineral Vibranium and was ruled by the Black Panther. Vibranium was an element used as part of the Emerald Rain Project leading to the Avengers attempting to study it though the Black Panther at first refused the request. Afterwards, the country came under attack from Klaw who was defeated with the help of the Avengers and leading to Black Panther agreeing to support them.


  • In Ultimate Avengers 2, Wakanda appeared in the animated film based on the Ultimate Marvel universe. Long ago, a meteor crashed that contained a large mound of Vibranium that became the centre of a city by the Wakandans that settled in the region. It was ruled by King T'Chaka who was the Black Panther by the modern day until he was killed by the Chitauri Herr Kleiser.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wakanda made a number of appearances and was referenced in the shared universe setting.
    • In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wakanda was mentioned as being an African country that was rich in the rare metal known as Vibranium. Stark Enterprises were noted to had some dealings there in the past. Arms dealer Ulysses Klause operated in the country to retrieve a large supply of Vibranium where he was branded with the Wakandan word for thief on his neck though he managed to escape.
    • In Captain America: Civil War, Wakanda made its first appearance in the live-action film setting. It was described as an isolationist African nation that was headed by a monarch holding the title of King and had a line of warriors called the Black Panther to defend it.
    • In Black Panther, Wakanda featured in the setting of the live-action film. It was said that long ago a meteor containing Vibranium crashed in the region which was when five tribes arrived in the region. The five waged war against one another until a leader arose among them after hearing the call of the panther goddess Bast where he reunited the tribes as the first Black Panther. These tribes included the Golden Tribe or Panther Tribe, the River Tribe, the Border Tribe, the Mining Tribe and the Jabari Tribe. Though unified, one tribe that was the Jabarri refused and though part of the nation they were opposed to the crown as they settled in the mountain regions. Under the rule of the Black Panther, the kingdom of Wakanda became a highly advanced nation due to their use of Vibranium and sought to protect themselves from the outside world. This led to them hiding their home under a cloak of invisibility thus hiding them from the world and made it appear that they were a third world nation of poor farmers.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance II, Wakanda appeared in the video-game story where it was headed by T'Challah with his wife Storm. It proved to be one of the locations free from the Fold. The machine intelligence later began a full scale invasion with numerous super powered beings under its hive mind control. They were repelled by the numerous non-controlled super powered beings allowing Wakanda to remain free from the enemy.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Wakanda featured in several story missions in the video game. Among the locations shown within the country of Wakanda was Njadaka. White Gorilla's were noted to had gotten Iso-8 and were rebelling leading to an Avengers mission to Wakanda. HYDRA were also conducting operations in Wakanda that put the Vibranium mines at risk. Investigations were also being into a possible link between U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. and HYDRA. Heroes were dispatched also to put a stop to the mechanical menace Ultron.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Wakanda made a brief appearance in the setting of the fighting video game in Storm's ending. It was shown that she and Black Panther oversaw the land whilst discussing whether humanity was worth saving in a world where discrimination of Mutants was rife.
  • In Marvel Heroes, Wakanda appeared in the setting of the MMORPG video game. Heroes battled the Man=Ape in the Vibranium Mines to stop his followers from mining Vibranium.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Wakanda appeared in the setting of the fighting video game. It was revealed that the merger of the Marvel and Capcom universes caused Wakanda to merge with Val Habar creating a new land called Valkanda. It was ruled by the Black Panther who kept the Monster Hunter as his right-hand to maintain peace and balance in the country. T'Challa also used the Time Stone to create a protective barrier around Valkanda to shield it from Ultron Sigma.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Wakanda appeared in the setting of the Wii video game. During ancient times, it was known to had been a nation that contained much secret knowledge in the world and their mystics were noted to had prophecised events in the future with these being recorded. Long ago, they established the Necropolis that held the dead former Black Panther kings whose spirits still resided in the area as they crossed over into the Djallia. A.I.M. invaded Wakanda to claim back the Soul Stone that had been stolen by the Winter Soldier who had crashed in the country. The heroes of the world journeyed to Wakanda in order to defeat M.O.D.O.K. and thus free the nation from the attack on it.


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