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Dr. Axolotl was a reptilian inventor (possibly a chameleon or other kind of lizard) who sought to obtain a job at Khan Industries. However, after his invention, a cleaning robot called MEL, went berserk and practically destroyed Shere Khan's office, Khan had him thrown out. Axolotl went insane, reprogramming MEL to kidnap Khan. His first attempt failed thanks to the intervention of Baloo, in disguise as superhero Bullethead.

Axolotl then programmed MEL to also kidnap Bullethead, and although MEL eventually succeeded in capturing Khan (who was "not amused") and took him back to Axolotl's laboratory in an abandoned laundromat, the robot accidentally snatched Kit's friend Ernie, who was dressed as his hero Bullethead. Axolotl ransomed Khan and Ernie to the police, refusing to let them go until he could appear on a talk show to demonstrate what "his genius" had created in MEL. Baloo however tricked Axolotl into letting him chauffeur the inventor to the studio in the Sea Duck, so that Kit and the rest of the Jungle Aces could get into Axolotl's lab and free Khan and Ernie.

During the ride, Axolotl figured out who Baloo was and summoned MEL (who had been left to guard the hostages), but after Baloo outflew MEL and caused the robot to crash through Khan Tower, Axolotl tried to escape using the Bullethead jet pack invented by Professor Buzz, but konked his head on the doorframe of the cockpit, knocking himself out. Presumably, Axolotl was arrested following this.

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