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Dr. Butterfly is a male character who features in Buso Renkin.



Bakushaku Chouno (蝶野 爆爵 Chōuno Bakushaku) was a Japanese male who lived over a century ago during a time when new science and technologies were developing around the world. Among these new fields was the art of alchemy which was dismissed by most academics though Bakushaku devoted his life in learning its secrets. Despite his desire and spending a fortune into his work, he found the limits of his research which had taken most of his life with him having no breakthrough. He had discovered the existence of Homunculi and Kakugane but determined that without further information that this was a dead end to his work. However, he came upon a wounded man named Victor Powered who was a traitorous member of the alchemist warriors whereby the two decided to join forces. In exchange for Bakushaku's support in healing him, Victor would reveal everything he knew about alchemy with Chouno agreeing to the proposal. Thus, over the years he devoted his life to healing Victor whilst from their interaction he gained alchemical knowledge to finish his research. It was noted that he had family and descendants but at some point transformed himself into a Homunculi whereupon he abandoned his human identity and took the name of Dr. Butterfly (Dr.バタフライ Dr. Batafurai) with him forming the L.X.E. organization centred in Ginsei City.


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  • Dr. Butterfly was created by Nobuhiro Watsuki where he featured in the setting of Buso Renkin.


  • Buso Renkin:

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