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Dr. Kemp, a scientist living in Port Burdock, was an old schoolmate of the man known as Griffin, and so when fleeing the police it was to Kemp's house that the invisible man came. Kemp had a hard time swallowing the fact that his friend, who he had not seen for years, suddenly appeared uninvited and invisible, but eventually he overcame his shocked and sat down and talked with Griffin.

Kemp allowed Griffin to relate the story of how he began his experiments, and all that happened to him between his arrival on his old friend's doorstep and then. Kemp, realizing that Griffin was quite mad with power listening to the Invisible Man's rantings, was quick to summon Colonel Adye of the Port Burdock police. Adye failed to apprehend Griffin, who escaped and branded Kemp a traitor, vowing to kill him.

Despite the death threat, Kemp was no coward and actively assisted and advised Adye in quest to find and apprehend the Invisible Man while the police colonel served as his bodyguard. Eventually Griffin overpowered Adye and came after Kemp, who, rushing through the streets of Port Burdock, roused the townspeople into a mob that attacked the Invisible Man and brought his reign of terror to an end.


  • The Great Classics Illustrated abridged version of The Invisible Man gives Kemp the first name "Arthur" (in a nod to how he was named in the 1933 film) however he has no given first name in H.G. Wells' original novel.

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