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Dr. McNamara is a male human character that features in RoboCop: The Animated Series.



Doctor McNamara was an employee of Omni Consumer Products and was the inventor of ED-209.

Upon seeing Lieutenant Hedgecock growing disgust with RoboCop, McNamara saw the opportunity to test his latest invention against RoboCop. Playing on the police officers hate of the cyborgs skills, McNamara offered the use of the OCP Exosuit which he had created. After a demonstration of the suits power against ED-209, Hedgecock was used as part of a competition between Robocop and the Exosuits skills with the victor being used by OCP as a law enforcement unit. Though proving to be more powerful then Robocop, the exosuit was destroyed after Robocop saw his partner Ann Lewis wounded. (Episode: The Man in the Iron Suit)


Personality and attributes

The doctor was determined to see that his creations gained prominence within the corporation. This meant that he hated Robocop as it constantly proved to be a foil in his plans. As such, he was often involved in plots to sabotage his opponents technology in order to allow his machines to succeed in demonstrations.

Powers and abilities



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