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Draconians are an ancient Human race that feature in The Vision of Escaflowne.



In the distant past, the Draconian people were old Human civilization that lived on the Mystic Moon where they developed a highly advanced society. Their people would advance at a rapid rate and they would possess a largely peaceful development in their city of Atlantis. They would eventually master the ability to manipulate fate itself by the creation of the Atlantis Machine. This device was capable of transforming thought into energy and thus able to reshape the existence.

One of the first changes they made was transcending their normal existence by becoming angelic winged beings. However, the power of the Atlantis Machine was far too dangerous and it destroyed their civilization. Seeing the folly of their ways, the Draconians final act was to will into existence a new world that would avoid the fate that fell before them. This new world would become the planet Gaea. The remains of their civilization would become almost inaccessible in the Mystic Valley.

Though most of the Draconians were killed, many artifacts as well as members of the race would remain. One such Draconian woman fell in love with the King of Fanelia and gave birth to two children who inherited her abilities.


In appearance, they were marked by their angelic wings and long lifespans. They inhabited the ancient civilization of Atlantis until the destruction of their society by the creation of a machine that transformed Human thought into energy.


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