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Gaea is a planet that features in The Vision of Escaflowne.



Gaea was a magical world that lived opposite the Mystic Moon known as Earth where it was invisible to mankind. The origins of this world were traced to the ancient highly advanced Atlantis that lived on Earth. Its inhabitants grew to such power that they sought to surpass that of the gods. To achieve that end, they managed to construct a machine that could turn their thoughts into reality. With such a force, they transformed their own physical forms and gave themselves white wings that allowed them to fly. However, the power they wielded was dangerous and it created a great catastrophe that brought about the end of the civilization. The few remaining people of Atlantis wanted to atone for their actions and used their power to create a new world opposite Earth. This world was to be a place of peace where the mistakes of Atlantis could be avoided with it being populated by multitude of races. The surviving people of Atlantis also moved to Gaea where they became known as the Draconians that were few in number and dying out.

In the harsh lands of Zaibach, a man by the name of Isaac used his knowledge of science to aid the people of this land. Through his guidance, he founded the powerful Zaibach Empire where he took the name of Dornkirk and became its Emperor. With his Destiny Prognostication Engine, he charted his ideal future from war and sought to create the Atlantis Machine. His vision of the future was, however, obscured by a dragon that was linked to the land of Fanelia. This led to Dornkirk dispatching Strategos Folken Fanel to capture the dragon.


A number of native plants and animals existed on Gaea such as:

  • Dragons : Upon approaching death, these great beasts congregated into areas to die with these being known as the dragons graveyard.

Numerous races also inhabited the world which included:

  • Draconians : they were viewed with fear and suspicions by the other races who called them winged demons.
  • Ispano : a mysterious short race of humanoids masked by their robes that lived as a clan and built the Ispano Guymelefs and were the only ones capable of repairing those machines for a price.
  • Dopplegangers : a humanoid race that had the ability to take the appearance of others allowing them to operate as spies by stealing the memories of their targets. They lived a life of war with clans chained in conflict where they fought battles disguised as the enemy. This sometimes saw Dopplegangers kill one another and unaware of the others identity. Elders were in charge of their clans and directed their missions.

A number of nations had formed on the planet which included:

  • Asturia :
  • Fanelia :
  • Zaibach :

Locations included:

  • Mystic Valley : the legendary homeland of the Draconians.

An element that was native to this world were levistones that were rocks of varying size that defied gravity and could float in the air. Areas that contained numerous such stones were called the wandering earth. The nature of levistones made it possible for the people of Gaea to create flying ships by harnessing these stones onto ships and using sails or engines to direct the craft. The application of heat on the stones seemed to counter their anti-gravity ability allowing for users to control ascent and descent. Smaller airships utilised this manner of travel whilst Zaibach had used the stones to create their Floating Fortresses.

Another resource from Gaea were crystalline substances called energists. These came in a variety of forms with different colours noting various forms of power. Some were known as drag-energists that were the crystalline hearts of dragons. Energists were a vital resource as they were used to power machinery including Guymelefs. Similarly, they were vital in powering the ships that moved through the use of levistones. It was said that the side with the most energists had an advantage in a war.


  • Dornkirk : a male scientist who was the Emperor of the Zaibach Empire and had founded the nation. He was actually not native to Gaea but had arrived there from the Mystic Moon namely Earth.
  • Folken :
  • Zongi : a Doppleganger who killed his own brother whilst the two were disguised as human in opposing sides with Zongi unaware of the others true identity. He became horrified at his actions and how his people were chained to the fate of war. Zongi was approached by Strategos Folken who offered him a way to change this fate with the Doppleganger agreeing to serve him as a spy and assassin. He was dispatched as a spy to kill the captured Dragon Slayer Miguel at Fray by taking the identity of Plaktu but was later killed by Dilandau.


  • Gaea served as the setting for The Vision of Escaflowne.


  • The Vision of Escaflowne:

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