Dracula (Castlevania)

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Ancient vampire of Transylvania and mortal foe of the entire Belmont line of vampire hunters. He once loved a mortal woman named Lisa, a healer, and the two had a child, half-human, half-vampire, named Alucard. Lisa was slain by her townspeople, believing her a witch, and Dracula swore vengeance on the entire human race to avenge her. Dracula thereafter tried to destroy the human race and its chief defenders, the Belmont line. Time and time again he was destroyed, only to rise again thanks to his followers or the passage of roughly a hundred years (after which time he could resurrect himself without any help). Though Belmonts (and others) have defeated him at every turn- in 1450, in 1476, in 1576, in 1691, in 1788, in 1792, in 1844, in 1897, in 1999, and in 2035- Dracula has all eternity to rise again and again, until he finally gains victory.

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