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Drake is a male vampire that features in the Blade universe.



Drake was an ancient Vampire and the progenitor of their species. The creature later known as Drake was an ancient being whose history spanned over six to seven thousand years. Little was known about the circumstances of his birth but it was known that he was the first of his kind and the patriarch of the Vampire race. Unlike his offspring in the centuries that followed, Drake, known as Dagon by the Sumerian people and by many other names, was born perfect and never had the need to evolve. His tales were vicious and he was known to have cut a bloody path across the ages until finally he stopped. Rumours state that he had grown disgusted with the world and retreated into hibernation in Iraq underneath an ancient table where he slumbered for thousands of years. His vicious nature and stories helped spawn the myths about Dracula which was another name for Drake.

He was awakened in the 21st century by the vampire Danica Talos who needed his help in defeating Blade. Though he was angered by this intrusion and infact, he killed the vampire that stumbled onto his tomb. However, the vampires managed to explain about the threat of Daywalker and this intrigued Drake who decided to test his mettle against the half breed. Alone, he managed to kill most of the Nightstalkers and capture several of their number in order to lure Blade out. Finally, Drake and Blade fought at Danica's base of operations. Though Blade fought valiantly, he was bested by Drake and was nearly killed when Abigail Whistler's Daystar arrow was stabbed into his body. The bio-weapon mortally wounded Drake and resulted in the spread of the virus which began killing the vampires. Dying, Drake praised Blade and said that the Daywalker would be the salvation of the vampire race. Furthermore, he gave a warning to Blade that no matter how much he fought it, the thirst for blood would always win in the end.

When Blade died, he willed his body to turn himself in a copy of Blade for the Human police to find as the Daywalker was believed to have been a serial killer as part of a plot by the vampires to descredit him. This allowed Blade to escape and when Drake's body was taken for autopsy, it reverted back to his human appearance.


Personality and attributes

The tales of Drake were so vicious that it spawned the mythology around Dracula.

He was disgusted at the weakness of his progeny in future years namely by their inability to walk in daytime.

Powers and abilities

He known to be born perfect and did not suffer the traditional weaknesses of his progeny such as dying by sunlight. His true form was vicious to behold as he was covered with reptilian scales, a demonic looking mouth that split open to reveal a secondary tongue similar to that seen in the Reaper strain. His skin contained numerous small bones that could move about allowing him to shapeshift but only to change his appearance from one Human form to another but could not change into animals or mist as the myths spoke of.


  • Drake was played by actor Dominic Purcell.


  • Blade: Trinity:

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