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Abigail Whistler is a female movie character that features in the Blade movies.



Abigail was the illegitimate daughter of Abraham Whistler and was born out of wedlock after his first family was killed by Vampires. He left her and when her mother was killed by vampires, she tracked her father down for him to train her in fighting vampires which he did. During her training, she took out a vampire nightclub where she met Hannibal King who was a vampire at the time. However, she offered to help cure him of his vampirism and become a human again which he accepted. At this point, she branched out from her father and helped form the Nightstalkers; a band of vampire hunters.

Many years later, she discovered her father was killed when the vampries framed Blade for killing a human who was a familiar. This turned him into a wanted criminal and was tracked down by the FBI who wounded Abraham who in turn blew up the building thus sacrificing himself. Blade was captured and the vampires attempted to kill him when Abigail along with King came to rescue him. He unofficially joined the Nightstalkers at this point.

At the time, her team became aware that the vampires had awoken Drake and sought to help Blade defeat him. Whilst away, their base came under attack from the vampire patriarch who killed most of the Nightstalkers and kidnapped King. Abigail prepared with Blade and took the Daystar virus with the intent on destroying the vampire race once and for all. Attacking the vampire lair, she managed to slay several of the creatures whilst freeing King. She then found Blade in battle with Drake and attempted to use the distraction to shoot an arrow with the Daystar virus into the creature though he grabbed it before it entered his body. She fired a second ordinary arrow which wounded Drake which was the distraction Blade needed to stab the Daystar arrow into Drake thus killing him and the vampires.


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  • Abigail Whistler was an original creation for the live-action film of the Blade Trilogy with her being portrayed by actor Jessica Biel.


  • Blade: Trinity:

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