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Drax is an alien cartoon supervillain that features in Legion of Super Heroes.



Drax was a male member of the Kryptonian species and born to members of their race that were considered criminals which led to them being banished into the Phantom Zone. His parents were such individuals and they gave birth to Drax who was genetically similar to Superman. From the moment of his birth, he was raised to be evil by his parents and told that he would always be evil. He was raised with the belief that Kal-El was responsible for his banishment into the Zone for a crime he did not commit. As such, he had a single minded plan for vengeance against him. During his time within the Phantom Zone, he had two superpowered pets to keep him company and was engineered to remove any weaknesses traditionally associated with his race. Drax remained within that timeless prison until the 31st Century when a young Superman who was brought into the future by the Legion of Super Heroes, accidently used the Phantom Zone Projector. From the portal, Drax and his two pets emerged where they revelled in their freedom only for them to learn that they were in a musuem dedicated to Superman. Recognising his archenemy, he immediately began attacking the exhibits and demanded a Human, in actuallity a young Clark Kent, where he was to which he replied it was a musuem. After throwing Kent into a wall, Drax and his pets burst through the cieling whereupon they decided to embark on a campaign of carnage in New Metropolis. Their actions attracted the Legion of Super Heroes where Superman revealed that he was Kent leading to Drax charging him. The two battled and displayed an equal amount of superhuman strength based on their Kryptonian DNA though only Drax was aware of this whilst Superman was still struggling to understand the reason for the conflict.

During the fight, he felt pain and received the mental commands of his parents who demanded their revenge against their foe. In pain, his pets managed to create a distraction thus allowing them to take their master away from the battlefield. At night, Drax recovered and declared to his pets that all the world would be theirs only to once again be called by his parents who demanded to be released from their prison. They told him that he was raised to be evil and that he would always be evil. Drax agreed and state that he would free them from their extradimensional prison. Sending his pets to distract the Legionnaires, he assaulted their headquarters in order to claim the Phantom Zone Projector. Attacking Brainiac 5, he threatened to kill the Coluan who reluctantly decided to comply only to open a safe that contained Kryptonite. However, Drax laughed at this attempt to stop him by highlighting the fact that his parents made him immune. He battled with his foe but Superman arrived on the scene who was later aided by the Legionnaires. Brainiac arrived with the Projector in order to send Drax back to his prison but the villain suddenly pleaded to be sent anywhere but there. That moment of distraction allowed him to attack Superman and send the Projectors beam at the Legionnaires sending them into the Zone. Taking the device from Kal-El, he destroyed it thus seemingly ensuring that his friends never return. The two once more battled and devastated the Legion headquarters as Superman attempted to defeat his foe.

As they fought, Drax sent them plummeting into Brainiac 5's chambers in order to utilize the Kryptonite to kill his foe. However, a portal emerged into the Phantom Zone created by the stranded Legionnaires and Superman used that moment to push Drax into the Zone once more. This was before the supervillain could reveal that Brainiac 5 had kept Kryponite hidden in his chambers. Whilst defeated, his pets were not present during the final fight and continued to wreak havoc in New Metropolis but were otherwise directionless without their master.

While it was not stated in the episode, it was heavily hinted that he was the son of General Zod. Infact, a cameo of Zod was seen in the Phantom Zone where the wraiths there attacked the Legion until they escaped. Furthermore, the mention of him possessing Superman's DNA suggests that he was infact cloned from Kal-El.


Personality and attributes

Drax appears as a young Kryptonian of the same age as Superman was when he was brought to the future. His costume is a deep shade of red with black mixed which was made more fearsome with the addition of spikes by the arms as well as the shoulders. Similar to Superman, he has a symbol on his chest, however, instead of an "S", Drax's costume contains the letter "Z".

His personality was much darker then Superman's as he held no compassion towards other beings which he cared little of. He was quite capable of using deception to appeal to his enemies kindness in order to gain an advantage over them. His one aim was the destruction of Superman and he possessed an air of superiority about him. He possessed a range of knowledge about Superman and his own creation stating that he hated Superman for not what he did but what he would do when he returned to his own timeline. He was bred to be a weapon of evil and was scolded by his "parents". He was in telepathic contact with his masters and sought to free them from their prison.

He possessed two large dog-like reptilian creatures that served as his pets which were left behind in the future when he was sent back to the Phantom Zone.

Powers and abilities

Like Superman, Drax contains many Kryptonian based powers such as flight, enhanced strength, heat beams emitted from his eyes and the capacity to freeze objects with his breath. Unlike Superman, Drax possesses no weakness to Kryptonite which he is immune to when he was created thus providing him an advantage over the Man of Steel. It was stated that he was not only a Kryptonian but his DNA was identical to that of Supermans.


  • Drax was voiced by actor Greg Ellis.
  • The character does not feature in the mainstream Superman or Legion continuity though Christopher Kent in the comics is noted for being Zod's son and similarly raised in the Phantom Zone but unlike Drax; he became a hero and turned away from evil.


  • Legion of Super Heroes "Phantoms"

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