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Chris Kent as Nightwing in World's Finest v4 #1.

Chris Kent is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.




Lor-Zod and Thara Ak-Var in Action Comics v1 #879.

Lor-Zod was a male Kryptonian offspring of General Zod and his Lieutenant Ursa. (Action Comics v1 #846) He was born within the Phantom Zone that was a prison dimension used to house the various criminals of Krypton. His mother gave birth to him at Fort Rozz that served as the only structure that retained physical form in the Zone and was where occupants could retain their corporeal nature. The unique nature of his birth meant that he was the only occupant of the Phantom Zone that retained physical form throughout the dimension. It was said that for years he was abused by his parents who intended to use him as their means to escape their imprisonment. This led to them fashioning a vessel from the remains of Fort Rozz where they sent Lor-Zod to Earth to serve as an anchor from which they could escape the Phantom Zone. (Action Comics v1 #851)

Afterwards, Superman took him to the Fortress of Solitude to consult the records of the simulation of his father Jor-El but they were incomplete. He then took him to the Kent Farm in Smallville to see if he could be cared for by his parents Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent. The pair at first disapproved of Superman taking the boy and even said that they were too old to raise another child. However, they suggested that Clark and Lois Lane could be the boy's adoptive parents. At first, Lois did not approve leading to the child believing that she did not like him. During this time, the Department of Metahuman Affairs made a statement to the media how the boy had gone missing with Superman contacting Sarge Steel claiming responsibility as he did not trust the U.S. government for looking after the best interests of the boy. He stated that he would only give up custody if he could examine the facilities with the Kryptonian child being reluctant. During the public press release, they were attacked by Bizarro who was sent to kidnap the child with Lois nearly killed until she was saved by the boy due to his super-strength. After Bizarro's defeat, Clark and Lois decided to adopt the child as a foster-son to protect him with them giving him the name Christoper Kent. (Action Comics v1 #846) Whilst at school, he was asked to not use his abilities but struggled to engage in human activities leading to the other children laughing at him. As a result, the six year old Christopher during school time would sneak away and fly in the clouds where he indulged in the use of his abilities. He was caught by his adoptive father Superman who wanted Chris to live a life more akin to a normal human. Thus, he had Chris follow him to Gotham City where they went to the Batcave. Superman asked Batman to develop a watch-scale Red Sun radiation projector that could be used to suppress Chris Kent's powers in order to allow him to live like a human being. Whilst waiting, Chris met with Robin Tim Drake where he forged a close friendship with the Boy Wonder after being amazed at his acrobatic and physical skills. Chris later helped his foster father during an incident at a bridge. (Superman v1 #668)

The arrival of Lor-Zod on Earth allowed for a tear in reality through which Zod, Ursa and Non arrived on Earth. (Action Comics v1 #845) In the mean time, Clark and Lois set up their backstory for Christopher namely that he was their cousin's son that was 12 years old who was from New York City that they had adopted. Whilst going to the Daily Planet, Clark came under attack from Zod and his comrades. With Chris alongside Lois, they pair came under attack from Ursa who wanted to take back her son. (Action Comics v1 #846)

He was taken by the Phantom Zone prisoners where he was brought before his biological parents. During this time, General Zod had taken Lois Lane captive and wanted to examine her to see why Kal-El had chosen her to be his mate. Before he could touch her, Lor-Zod used his heat vision on his fathers hands as he intended to be like Superman to protect his adoptive mother. However, General Zod decided to take his son to the side and discipline him for daring to strike back at his father. (Action Comics v1 #851)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. Lor-Zod was the son of Zod and Ursa with all three having been trapped in the Phantom Zone. (Action Comics v1 #984)


Personality and attributes

Lois was responsible for giving him the name Christopher Kent when she and Clark decided to adopt the child. (Action Comics v1 #845)

Powers and abilities

At the age of six, his powers were notable for being far more developed than Kal-El's when he was at the same age. (Superman v1 #668) It was noted that he had quickly managed to learn English only after a few days on Earth. (Action Comics v1 #845)


  • Chris Kent was created by Richard Donner, Geoff Johns and Adam Kubert where he made his first appearance in Action Comics v1 #844 (December, 2006).
  • Superman's adopted Kryptonian son Chris Kent from the 2006 Last Son Of Krypton story arc was named after Superman actor Christopher Reeve.

Alternate Versions

Lor-Zod in Action Comics v1 #996.
  • In Countdown: Arena v1 #1 (2008), an alternate version of Chris Kent was shown to had existed in the Multiverse with this one being native to Earth-16. This one had Buddhist teachings which he claimed had unlocked his chakra's thus giving him enlightenment to the point that it unlocked further abilities with him perceiving himself as more evolved than other Kryptonians. He was noted to possess a spectrum-vision and could deflect heat vision blasts at him with apparent ease or turn his form into a giant being of energy.
  • In Multiversity, one of the 52 alternate Earth's was Earth-16 which showed Chris Kent assuming the mantle of Superman.
  • In Action Comics v1 #996 (2018), a possible future was shown where General Zod rescued his wife Ursa and Lor-Zod from the Phantom Zone and settled on the planet Jekuul which they transformed into New Krypton. A decade into the future, Lor-Zod had grown into a young adult and he along with his family of the House of Zod ruled the planet's native population who were treated as slaves that were policed by Eradicator androids.

In other media


  • In Legion of Super-Heroes, a son of Phantom Zone criminals named Drax appeared in the animated television in the episode "Phantoms" where he was voiced by actor Greg Ellis.


  • In Justice League: Gods and Monsters, a character featured that was the son of Zod in a parallel alternate world. On this Earth, General Zod took over his homeworld of Krypton and began mining the core to power his military with this act destabilizing his world causing imminent destruction. He later discovered that the scientist Jor-El had constructed a rocket ship that contained an incubation chamber with his wife Lara's egg that only needed a male donor. Jor-El intended to imprint his genetic material on the egg but Zod's forces apprehended him. Though Krypton was doomed, General Zod decided to imprint his own DNA onto Lara's egg creating a child that was the son of Zod and Lara. The ship was later launched into space where the newborn emerged on Earth where a couple of Mexican immigrants found the boy before he could be taken by the United States military. This child grew up as Hernan Guerra who learnt harsh lessons from the way immigrants were treated in America and as an adult he became the harsh hero known as Superman who went about defending the world regardless of the cost. It was said that Hernan encountered the vampiric Batman Kirk Langstrom by the harbor where he was feeding on a rat with Superman helping him leading to a friendship between the two. Afterwards, the pair were joined by the New God Bekka who became this world's Wonder Woman.


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