Dread Elementals

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From left to right: Grave, Blood, Pyre and Mist Elementals.

Dread elementals are created when elementals are summoned to the Demiplane of Dread and tainted by the realm's dark nature. Each element is transformed to reflect their new environment. Dread elementals' energies may be tapped by the so-called elemental liches.

Types of Dread Elemental

  • Fire elementals become pyre elementals, living crematory flames.
  • Water elementals become blood elementals.
  • Air elementals become mist elementals, infused with the taint of Ravenloft's mists themselves and capable of infusing victims with evil.
  • Earth elementals become grave elementals, carrying the undead with them.


They were originally called, simply, Ravenloft elementals.

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