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A gothic horror campaign setting, where struggles against powerful forces of evil occur in a realm where heroes and villains alike find no escape. Ravenloft's roots lie in a successful Advanced D&D 1st Edition module entitled, simply, I6 - Ravenloft. A sequel, I10 - Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill, was released later. When Advanced Dungeons and Dragons moved to 2nd Edition, Ravenloft was developed into a full-fledged campaign setting. It was one of TSR's best-selling settings for most of 2nd Edition, spawning numerous supplements and a successful novel line. Ravenloft was dead for a time in 3rd Edition, supported by the now-defunct Kargatane site, until the setting was licensed by Arthaus in 2000 and produced under White Wolf's Sword and Sorcery d20 System imprint. The setting was cancelled again in 2005.

Canon Material

  • I6 - Ravenloft (1983)
  • I10 - Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill (1986)
  • Ravenloft Campaign Setting (1990) and all subsequent second edition Ravenloft material
  • Die Vecna Die! (1999)
  • Ravenloft Campaign Setting (2000) and all subsequent third edition Ravenloft material
  • All official Ravenloft novels
  • All Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine articles featuring the Ravenloft setting


Many of the darklords and domains in Ravenloft were drawn from other Dungeons and Dragons game worlds. These include Azalin and Vecna (from Greyhawk), Kalidnay (from Dark Sun), Hazlik (from Forgotten Realms), I'Cath (from Kara-Tur), Lord Soth (from Dragonlance), Maligno (from Masque of the Red Death), Vorostokov (from Birthright) and Meredoth (from Mystara).


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