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The Dreil are an alien species that appear in the game Dark Planet.


A Dreil warrior.

The Dreil are an ancient race whose origins have long been forgotten by the race itself something that does not concern the species much as they travel the stars in order to propagate their kind. In their wake, thousands of worlds, which were once inhabited planets, became barren husks of their former selves.

The Dreil Hive itself consists of thousands of voracious creatures who follow a swarm-like intelligence with no concern over the death of a single member of their kind. The race is mindlessly efficient in its goal with many workers, soldiers and other specialized castes being developed by the race. Their 'specialization' can make certain castes appear as completely different species but they are all unified in their purpoe by the telepathic will of the Dreil Queen.

The Dreil Queens are the guiding intelligence of the race who are powerful psychics that are so strong that it allows them to sense the echoes of life from neighbouring solar systems. Once they have taken hold on a world, they mentally guide their armies who consume all organic living matter on the world. This results in those colonies infected by the race to be sucked dry of all life. Once this is done, the Dreil focus their efforts in producing a massive powerful egg launcher. Then the hive colony simply dies as part of their natural lifespan with the death of the Dreil Queen resulting in an eggship, with her embryoes, being launched into space to a life bearing world that was sensed earlier.

Thus, the Dreil life cycle continues with worlds being destroyed in their wake to feed their insatiable appetites with a new world being infested by the race. Within the game, a seed from a Dreil colony has landed on the world of Natrolis and must compete with the two species of the world, the native Sorin and the Terrans.


  • Dark Planet: The Battle for Natrolis:

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