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((? - 1040) Grandson of Maol Chalvim II and crowned King of Scotland in AD 1034 century, Duncan was a paranoid tyrant. As a young man, he mistakenly feared that Findlaech would pull political schemes to make his son (and Duncan's cousin), Macbeth, King of Scotland. He hired Gillecomgain (who was infamous for hunting gargoyles as the Hunter) to be his political assassin, and sent him to assasinate Findlaech. Gillecomgain succeeded, and Duncan rewarded him with the Stewardship of Castle Moray.

Years later, Duncan's son Canmore was born, and he arranged a marriage between Gruoch and Gillecomgain. After the wedding, he ordered Gillecomgain to "arrange an accident" for Macbeth, but Gillecomgain refused, deciding to use the secret behind Findlaech's murder as leverage between him and Duncan. Duncan responded by revealing to Macbeth that Gillecomgain was the Hunter and his father's killer in attempt to kill one or both of them. Macbeth defeated and slew the Hunter thanks in no small part to the intervention of Demona. Duncan than assumed the mask of the Hunter for himself, feeling it gave him a psychological edge over his enemies.

By AD 1040, Duncan grew so paranoid that a prophecy by the Weird Sisters was enough to motivate him to make war on Macbeth. Though his armies were superior to that of Moray's, Macbeth formed an alliance with the gargoyles, and in battle Duncan was slain by Macbeth.

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