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Earth-6 was an alternate Earth referred to by Pariah as a "cosmic anomaly" because it lacked analogs of beings from any other Earth. In this universe, England won the American Revolutionary War, and incredible strides were taken in technological advancement. There were only a handful of superheroes here by the time of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, most of whom were destroyed by the Anti-Monitor's anti-matter wave. Only the heroes Lord Volt, Lady Quark, and their daughter Princess Fern were left, who confronted Pariah when he appeared. Fern and Volt died in a futile assault on the anti-matter, and Pariah was only narrowly able to save Quark, teleporting her with him when he was taken from Earth-6.


As it was annihilated, Earth-6 made up no part of "Earth-Sigma." A version of Earth-6 may still exist somewhere in hypertime.

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