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Hypertime is a system of alternate universes, where any possibility that can be will be in a hypertimeline.




In the 853rd century, the Justice Legion A folded a section of Hypertime within their trophy tesseract that was filled with alternate versions of the JLA. (DC One Million 80-Page Giant v1 #1000000)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. The physical manifestation of the Hypertime abstraction was the Branefold Interior that was home to the Fuginauts who existed to ensure that realities and potential realities did not interfere with one another. (Sideways v1 #5)

The mysterious Mr. Oz kept his various prisoners outside the confines of hypertime. (Detective Comics v1 #966) When the future Time Drake was brought to the present, he attempted to alter history by killing Batwoman to prevent a cycle of events that led to him becoming Batman. During this time, he began to partly disappear and re-appear as Hypertime attempted to assert itself to prevent him from changing events. The Batfamily worked together where they delayed the future Tim Drake long enough until Hypertime erased him from this point in the timeline. (Detective Comics v1 #968)

During the fight with the Dark Knights, Cyborg managed to free his Justice League team mates and shunted them into Hypertime to evade Barbatos. (Justice League v3 #33) In his battle with the Justice League of America, Chronos recruited entire armies from withering streams of Hypertime. After saving their lives, they pledged their loyalty to him and battled his enemies. (Justice League of America v5 #28)

Hunter Zolomon managed to trick Barry Allen and Wally West into breaking the Speed Force allowing him to uncover the other Forces in reality including the Strength Force and Sage Force. This was so he could shatter reality and access Hypertime as he intended to claim the Still Force whereupon he intended to choose a reality suited to him where he could be the hero. Barry Allen and Wally West pursued him where they defeated Zolomon but the incident caused the Force Barrier to be detached from the space-time continuum thus preventing temporal energy from being used by speedsters stopping them from access to Hypertime. (The Flash v5 #50)


It was described as a web of timestreams outside the Multiverse. (Justice League v3 #33) Hypertime consisted of an infinite number of realities that continually diverged and converged where they overlapped and circled back to connect to each other. Thus, everything and anything that could be imaged existed. (Superboy v4 #60)

Speedsters went travelling through the timestream could hear the siren calls of Hypertime with them hearing voices from people from any point in time. (The Flash v5 #22)


  • Hypertime was created by Mark Waid and Mike Zeck where it made its first appearance in The Kingdom v1 #2 (February, 1999).
  • In He-Man: The Eternity War v1 #5, Skeletor mentioned that with the Eye of Chaos he fell through Hypertime and encountered various versions of himself along with Eternia in the Multiverse.


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