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The Elf Tribe are a species that feature in Black Clover.



The Elf Tribe (エルフ族 Erufu-zoku) were an ancient tribe of Elves that possessed powerful mana and had lived in the lands that became the Clover Kingdom.

Not known to most of the Elves at the time, they were but pawns of the machinations of a Devil who planned form a body for himself. This involved causing the death of the Elves and make it appear as if it was human treachery in order to have Licht fall into despair. It was then that the Devil had intended to take possession of the Elf body.

Though deceased, the souls of the Elves came to be reborn as a result of the reincarnation magic which placed their essences among humans. This was actually the result of the Devil's use of reincarnation magic who suspended the souls of the Elves and prevented them from moving on to the afterlife. The first of these to re-awaken was Patolli who resided within the body of an illegitimate child of nobleman named William Vangeance. When the boy was asleep, Patolli came to awaken leading to a transformation into his Elvish form which now bore a resemblance to Licht. Upon learning of what happened, he became determined to restore the Elves and seek revenge against the humans for their crimes against the tribe. Over time, him and William learnt to communicate with one another with Vangeance allowing Patolli to engage in his schemes. This included forming a magic cult called the Eye of the Midnight Sun and re-awakening the souls of Rhya, Vetto as well as Fana. The Eye of the Midnight Sun were ultimately a tool to achieve his end goal of awakening all the Elf Tribe memebrs.


In appearance, the Elves were bipedal humanoids with fair skin, white hair and pointed ears. Though resembling humans, the tribe were noted to possess far greater natural sources of mana.

Among the tribe were the Apostles of Sephirah (セフィラの徒 Sefira no To) who were gifted with incredible mana that allowed them to open the doorway to the Shadow Palace. Such was their power that it was said that they were stronger than even the Magic Knight's Captains.


  • Licht : male with long white hair who was the leader of the Elf Tribe.
  • Patoli :
  • Rhya :
  • Vetto :
  • Fana :
  • Drowa :
  • Lira :
  • Reve :
  • Ronne :


  • The Elf Tribe were created Yūki Tabata where they featured in the setting of Black Clover.
  • They were an adaptation of myths surrounding Elves.


  • Black Clover:

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