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Elias Bogan in X-Treme X-Men v1 #41.

Elias Bogan is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Elias Bogan was a powerful male Mutant that operated in the world over the last century. He came to operate a company that was known as the Bogan Group. Oliver Ryland served as a long-time friend to Bogan and operated as his chief counsel. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #21) As a member of the Hellfire Club, he held no rank but even the most powerful members deferred to him. To gain him as a patron guaranteed success to a Club member with it said that he had no enemies but there were rumours. One day, he was challenged to a wager by Sebastian Shaw who played the game versus Bogan's creature namely Oliver Ryland. If Shaw won, then Bogan's fortunes would belong to him but if Sebastian lost than Elias would own Emma Frost who was the White Queen and one of the Lords Cardinal. Unknown to Elias, Shaw received help from his aide Tessa who helped him defeat his foe with Bogan honouring the wager. However, he came to realise the source of his defeat and bid his time patiently to exact his retribution. Through Ryland, he ambushed Tessa and branded her with his mark before she was freed by the X-Men. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #41)


Personality and attributes

Typically, he manifested himself as a pair of red psychic eyes hovering by the host body he was possessing. Those that were hosts to him sometimes manifested the possession as blood trailing down their eyes. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #23) These fire eyes meant that Elias was in charge of the host and any abilities they possessed. Bogan's own psychic form was that of a completely black humanoid with only the eyes manifesting with the form in the shape of the host body. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #41)

Elias was said to be a very private man who hid his existence from the world. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #22) He was noted for being a master at covering his tracks who memory of himself from the public which meant that few foes could prepare themselves for an attack by him. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #23)

Bogan was a monster who was capable of destroying his foes if he so desired. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #22) It was said that Elias was evil who corrupted anyone who associated themselves with him. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #23) He was stated to be a voyeur who did not like to get his own hands dirty but instead preferred to use pawns. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #41)

He was stated to be a predator whose favoured prey was other Mutants. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #40) It was said that he was a predator who moved between 'fertile' hunting grounds for prey. Certain people sparked an interest in him with Bogan desiring to kidnap such individuals to serve as his 'pets'. These people were seen as little more than property of Elias that he sought to re-acquire. Those that he could not break he branded with scars as a reminder that to them that he had unfinished business with them. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #23) He desired to turn his victims into his pets and make them love the experience. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #41)

Powers and abilities

He was noted for being a reclusive billionaire. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #21) Elias was stated to be incredibly rich and obscenely powerful. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #22) Bogan was said to hold the resources to allow him to hound someone around the world. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #20)

He was actually a Mutant that gave him a number of abilities beyond a normal human. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #40) Elias could possess host bodies or delve into the minds of others by looking into their brains psychically. Through this means, he could access the memories of those whose brains he had circumvented. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #41) After possessing a host, he gained access to the knowledge in their minds. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #23)

Certain number of his followers were capable of becoming one with him with them being part of his mind. As a result, they were able to survive even after the death of their bodies with Bogan manifesting through them. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #23) One way he controlled people was through the drug Rave and getting them addicted to it. (X-Treme X-Men v1 #41)


  • Elias Bogan was created by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca where he made his first appearance in X-Treme X-Men v1 #21 (April, 2003).


  • X-Treme X-Men v1:

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