Elise Lenoir

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The succubus in the form of Elise.

Elise Lenoir the identity assumed by an evil succubus. Every few years, she needed to drain the lifeforce of a beautiful young woman during a lunar eclipse, whereupon she would assume their identity and appearance. She could also absorb the lifeforces of men, but didn't do it often. The real Elise Lenoir had been one of the succubus' victims and she had taken on her physical appearance and used her name. She kept the real Elise's mother as a mind-controlled slave and also had a handsome young man named Andrew as a servant, who was in love with her. As the time neared for her to absorb a new young woman and take her identity, the succubus targeted Race Bannon's daughter Jessie. In order to get close to Jessie, she courted Hadji Singh, who fell in love with her. She, in turn, developed feelings for him in return, much to the annoyance of a jealous Andrew. When Andrew accused her of intending to replace him with Hadji, the succubus angrily attacked him and killed him. As the eclipse approach, she attempted to drain Jessie, but she was stopped by the Quests. She transformed into her true form, a hideous, batlike creature, but was slain by Jonny Quest.


  • Elise was based on the character Katrina Moorkroft, who appeared in Succubus!, an unfinished episode of the earlier SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron.
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