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The Elves are a species that feature in The Dragon Prince.



The Elves were a race of humanoids that lived in the lands of Xadia.

Viren who had become the new king of Katolis came alone to the Sunfire Elven grand city of Lux Aurea where he petitioned that his army be allowed to cross the region unharmed as he made his way to the Storm Pillar. The Elven Queen refused and instead put him through the trial whereby the light revealed his true nature after which they intended to put him through a purification that could kill him. However, he was aided by the villains Startouch Elf Aaravos who used his magic to aid the human in slaying the Sunfire Elves and claiming their magic. This caused Lux Aurea to be devastated in the process and the surviving Sunfire Elves being forced to flee. Rallying under the Golden Knight Janai, these Elves gathered at the foot of the Storm Pillar in order to defend the Dragon Queen from the human army which Viren had enhanced with black magic that turned them into monstrous beings.


In appearance, Elves resembled humans with them possessing four digits on each hand namely three fingers along with a thumb whilst they had four toes on each foot. A key aspect of the Elves was their close ties to magic as they were each linked to one of the primal Arcanums.

There were numerous tribes of Elves that included:

  • Moonshadow Elves :
  • Sunfire Elves : Some of their kind could ignite with fire where their skin flared up and glowed with them possessing increased speed and strength.
  • Startouch Elves :
  • Skywing Elves : these Elves had ties to the Sky Arcanum thus giving them close links to that element. It was said that 1-in-10 Skywing Elves were born with wings and given the power of flight. However, a smaller percentage of Skywing Elves were able to use magic to transform their arms into wings.
  • Earthblood Elves :

Within Xadia, Elves saw magic as being common as animals in the wild. All life within their homeland was filled with magic from the plants, animals to even the earth itself.

Their society was deeply tied to the reverence and worship of the Dragons. Elite warriors were chosen to protect the Dragons with these being the eight members of the Dragon Guard.

Skilled assassins were chosen from the ranks of the Moonshadow Elves whose natural talents made them highly capable killers. Upon being sent on missions, a special flower was crafted and so long as it shined it meant that the assassin was still alive.

Disgraced elves became outcasts in their society where they were punished by being banished. This saw the shamed elf being mystically invisible to the rest of their kind. To the banished, the faces of their kind appeared blank and they were incapable of seeing the outcast except through reflections.

The Sunfire Elves were noted weapon-smiths among the Elves with them able to craft Sunforged weapons. Once made, weapons were as hot as the time they were forged and remained so for years allowing them to cut through nearly anything. Mystical runes were placed that allowed handles to be used without burning the wielder.

A profession among the Moonshadow Elves was that of Moon Mages who had the power of illusion. They could create images of monsters to scare people or enchant objects to form long-lasting illusions.


  • Aaravos :
  • Khessa :
  • Janai :
  • Lujanne : a female Moonshadow Elf Moon Mage illusionist who served as the Guardian of the Moon Nexus in the Cursed Caldera.
  • Runaan :
  • Ethari : a male Moonshadow Elf married to Runaan and was a close friend of Rayla's parents. He and his husband both helped raise Rayla after her parents were banished from Elven society.
  • Rayla :
  • Ibis : a male Skywing Elf who was a Sky Mage that tended to the Dragon Queen.
  • Nyx :


  • Elves featured in the setting of The Dragon Prince universe.


  • The Dragon Prince:

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