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Xadia is a place that features in The Dragon Prince.



Xadia was a great landmass that encompassed the world where it was referred to as a land rich in magic and had a connection to the six Primal Sources. In this land arose a number of intelligent species that included Dragons, Elves and later Humans.


Locations in Xadia included:

  • Katolis :
  • Midnight Desert :
  • Cursed Caldera :

There were a number of species that inhabited Xadia which included:

  • Dragons :
  • Elves :
  • Humans :

Animals and plants that inhabited the land included:

  • Soulfang Serpents :

One magical artefact that were rare but powerful relics for mages were Primal Stones that contained one of the Primal Sources contained within them. This could be a storm within a sphere where through a speaking a Draconic word and making a rune the user was able to achieve mystical feats associated with that Primal Source. Thus, those that contained an entire storm in a Primal Stone were able to create feats linked to it such as blowing powerful gusts of wind or shooting lightning from their hands.


  • Callum :
  • Ezran :


  • Xadia featured as part of the setting of The Dragon Prince universe.


  • The Dragon Prince:

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