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Xadia is a place that features in The Dragon Prince.



Xadia was a great landmass that encompassed the world where it was referred to as a land rich in magic and had a connection to the six Primal Sources. In this land arose a number of intelligent species that included Dragons, Elves and later Humans.

Around 1200 years ago, Xadia was ruled by the Sun Archdragon known as Sol Regem where during this time mankind established the city of Elarion. To improve their odds of survival, humans began practicing dark forbidden magic which they took from other life with Ziard being the first of their number. This act angered the Sun King Sol Regem who had a meeting with Ziard and demanded mankind stop using black magic. The mage refused and in response the Sun Dragon threatened the destruction of Elarion as punishment for the human's defiance. In desperation, Ziard used black magic against Sol Regem with the great dragon incinerating the human but not before he came to permanently blind the Sun King.


Locations in Xadia included:

  • Katolis :
  • Midnight Desert :
  • Cursed Caldera :

There were a number of species that inhabited Xadia which included:

  • Dragons :
  • Elves : They were divided into a number of tribes that included:
    • Moonshadow Elves :
    • Startouch Elves :
    • Sunfire Elves :
    • Skywing Elves :
    • Earthblood Elves :
  • Humans : They were deemed incapable of naturally using magic.

Animals and plants that inhabited the land included:

  • Soulfang Serpents :

One magical artefact that were rare but powerful relics for mages were Primal Stones that contained one of the Primal Sources contained within them. This could be a storm within a sphere where through a speaking a Draconic word and making a rune the user was able to achieve mystical feats associated with that Primal Source. Thus, those that contained an entire storm in a Primal Stone were able to create feats linked to it such as blowing powerful gusts of wind or shooting lightning from their hands.


  • Sol Regem : a male Archdragon who was once the Dragon King who ruled Xadia around 1200 years ago with him being known as the Sun King. He had a dim view of humans who he deemed as lesser beings and when mankind began practicing dark magic it was Sol Regem who had a meeting with the mage Ziard. The Sun King demanded that humanity stop using black magic or he would destroy their city of Elarion where during the attempt he battled the human mage. Ziard was incinerated but not before he sent a fireball into Sol Regem's eyes thus leaving the dragon permanently blind where eventually he stepped down as ruler of Xadia.
  • Avizandum : a male Archdragon who ruled as the previous Dragon King with a reign of 300 years and was the mate of the Dragon Queen Zubeia. He was noted to have had a tense relationship with humans where he constantly attacked any intruders into Xadian lands. Mankind never knew his name and only referred to him as Thunder. He was the father of his son Azymondias where he was caring for the egg whilst his mate was away.
  • Zubeia : a female Sky Dragon who ruled as the Dragon Queen where she was the mate of Avizandum and mother to Azymondias.
  • Rayla :
  • Callum :
  • Ezran :


  • Xadia featured as part of the setting of The Dragon Prince universe.


  • The Dragon Prince:

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