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Enaros was a wizard who tended to the Flame of Acheron in Valusia. Although the origins of his wounds are a mystery, Enaros was known for having one deformed hand and half of his face deformed as well. Knowing of the Valusian nobelmen's ill-content with having the barbarian Kull as their king, Enaros offered to help them get rid of Kull by resurrecting Akivasha, the Red Witch. Little did General Taligaro and his co-conspirators know, though, that this was merely part of Enaros' plan to bring about the rebirth of Acheron.

A true adherent to the religion, Enaros and his assistant Zuleki remained loyal servants of Akivasha, and Akivasha even saw fit to restore Enaros' hand and face. Despite his loyalty, Enaros had a big mouth and didn't know when to keep it shut. He repeatedly displeased Akivasha in this fashion, and she, eventually, undid her restorations and returned his hand and face to their former, deformed state. Ultimately, Enaros was killed ky Kull, who knocked him into the pillar of fire that compromised the Flame of Acheron.

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