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Environmental Guardian Online are implants that feature in Defiance.



Environmental Guardian Online (EGO) technology were developed by the Indogene race from the Votan Collective where it was created by the scientist Yargad Gorhash during the Pale Wars.

Earth Republic Mayor Pottinger of the Earth Republic secretly pursued his own agenda against former mayor Amanda Rosewater and had Dr. Yewell secretly created EGO implants from materials he supplied. However, the material was defective and instead rogue implants also infected Dr. Yewell and Pottinger whilst Amanda's became defective. Rosewater would become paranoid and see the man who had raped her attempting to attack her whilst both Yewell along with Pottinger were haunted by people from their own pasts. Dr. Yewell would later remove the implants from all parties and have the machines destroyed.

At Defiance, the Votan spy Mahsuvus was captured by the Earth Republic forces who interrogated him to find the location of a dirty bomb the Votanis Collective planned to detonate in New York. The Irathient managed to resist torture to which the governor of Defiance decided to proceed with an EGO extraction to forcibly remove the information from him but he was broken out from detention by Amanda Rosewater.


These cybernetic implants were created through Votan technology that built these alien AI implants that fused with the body of a host. Once implanted, they worked to unlock dormant powers ad provided up-to-date environmental intelligence for their operator. They operated by unlocking the dormant potential of the host allowing for the channeling of their abilities for combat. It achieved this through the use of complex synthetic DN strands that imbued the host with a number of powers.


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  • In Defiance the video game, EGO implants served as a guide for player characters and guided them in the controls in the setting.


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