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Eric O'Grady as Black Ant in Secret Avengers v1 #33.

Eric O'Grady is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




The new Ant-Man in Irredeemable Ant-Man v1 #1.

Eric O'Grady was a male human who by adulthood had enlisted to become an agent at S.H.I.E.L.D. where he was a low ranking operative and was stationed on the Helicarrier. (Irredeemable Ant-Man v1 #1)


O'Grady with Pym in Ant-Man and Wasp v1 #1.


O'Grady came to join the 50-State Initiative where he went to Camp Hammond to undergo training to be a superhero. (Avengers The Initiative v1 #8)

Eric was then approached by the Black Fox who offered him intelligence that criminal forces intended to steal a device from Hank Pym. With this information, O'Grady thought he could further ingratiate himself to the Avengers and approached Pym with this information. However, in reality, Black Fox had allowed O'Grady to be susceptible to possession by a Sleepwalker entity called Agent Anesthesia. Once at Pym's headquarters, Agent Anesthesia was able to release herself from O'Grady when he slept and stole the device which she gave to her A.I.M. employers. (Ant-Man & Wasp v1 #1) Atoning for his actions, Eric went alongside Hank Pym as the pair journeyed into the Mindscape as they tracked down the stolen device that was an artificial heaven that maintained the mind of the deceased Bill Foster. (Ant-Man & Wasp v1 #2)

He was approached by Steve Rogers to join his Secret Avengers strike force as a means of redeeming himself with Eric participating on their first assignment in infiltrating the Roxxon Energy Corporation. (Secret Avengers v1 #1)

Still in hiding, he was contacted by Sharon Carter through his communication device after she saw him appear on her tracking system. O'Grady revealed that he was still within the secret facility and that a number of enemy operatives were heading to the machine that transported him to the site. They came to determine that the enemy were sending troops with explosives to kill themselves and the Secret Avengers with Eric being the only thing standing in their way. He entered into the transportation system and was ahead of the enemy forces where he used a Wasp Sting to detonate their explosives to kill them mid-transit. This caused an explosion that detonated both sites of the portal killing the enemy troops though Ant-Man survived where he re-emerged on Mars with him rendezvousing with the Secret Avengers. (Secret Avengers v1 #4)

Afterwards, the Secret Avengers received that Zheng Zu was being resurrected and his assassins among the Celestial Order of the Hai-Dai to target his son Shang-Chi. Thus, the heroes went to rescue the martial artist and to protect him from further attack whilst looking to stop his fathers resurrection. They came to learn that central to Zu's return were relics known as the Eyes of the Dragon with Shang-Chi going to the site of one of the gems but this proved to be an ambush where he was captured by the Hai-Dai. However, unknown to his attackers, O'Grady was on Shang-Chi's person in shrunken form and enlarged to protect him when the assassins intended to bleed the martial artist to death. Eric when to Giant-Man form to fight their attackers but this damaged their craft causing it to crash. To save themselves, Ant-Man used his suit's jets to take himself and Shang-Chi to safety where they returned to the Secret Avengers. (Secret Avengers v1 #7)

Black Ant

In Bagalia, he was with Taskmaster when the pair discovered that Steve Rogers had secretly been a Hydra agent. (Captain America: Steve Rogers v1 #11) O'Grady and Taskmaster intended to sell this information to Maria Hill for large sums of money but were stopped by Madame Hydra Elisa Sinclair. (Captain America: Steve Rogers v1 #12)

Once the dome was down, he was discovered by Yellowjacket with the other villains at the scene intending to get their revenge on him for his part in their capture. However, Taskmaster arrived on the scene where he saved O'Grady with the two being reunited as criminal partners who left the scene before they could be arrested. (Amazing Spider-Man v5 #23)


Personality and attributes

He had said that he had grown up Irish Catholic and claimed that this allowed him to recognise guilt quickly. (Ant-Man & Wasp v1 #2)

Powers and abilities

As such, he was able to shrink and get real small but retained his human proportion strength. (Irredeemable Ant-Man v1 #1)

A Wasp Sting was later added to his suit allowing him to fire an electric blast from his hands. (Secret Avengers v1 #4)


  • Eric O'Grady was created by Robert Kirkman and Phil Hester where he made his first appearance in Irredeemable Ant-Man v1 #1 (December, 2006).
  • In an interview on CBR, Rick Remender commented on his Secret Avengers arc:
"In our first Descendants story, we set up this bubbling plot where Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady, was killed and replaced with a Life Model Decoy who basically has all of Eric’s memories. It’s almost like he died, everything went black and he woke back up with Father, the leader of the Descendants, standing over him. I don’t want to reveal too much of the deal they make and how this all works out, but Eric is still Eric. He’s a Life Model Decoy dealing with the fact that he’s an artificial person. He has his own his motivations for serving Father and the Descendants and that’s going to play a huge role coming up because the Secret Avengers now have a spy within their ranks."
"Eric is a complex character. He was established to be a bad guy and sort of a dirt bag. Even when he attempted redemption, it always fell flat, like a selfish and slightly rotten person putting on a pose. This story is going to keep with that theme. It’s going to play into who the character has been as well as developing him into a new character known as the Black Ant, which Art Adams has designed and is amazing!"

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