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Roxxon Energy Corporation is a business that features in Marvel Comics.



The Roxxon Energy Corporation was a large company that came to establish itself on Earth during the modern age.

Members of the Roxxon Board were responsible for the murder of Howard Stark and his wife Maria Stark that were part of a scheme by their Executive Simon Krieger to take over Stark Industries. (Iron Man: The Iron Age v1 #2) Republic Oil and Natural Gas had hoped that Tony Stark would lack the experience in heading the company and sought to subvert him in order to make it an easy acquisition for them. (Iron Man: The Iron Age v1 #1)

In the South Atlantic, an island was discovered that had natural deposits of Vibranium which Roxxon had sought for years but were denied access as the only prior source of the material was in Wakanda. Thus, they occupied the island and disguised their operation as being part of the U.S. military where they attempted to strip mine the site whilst dumping toxic chemicals to force out its native resident. This activity drew the attention of Namor and Roxxon attempted to trick Iron Man into battling the Atlantean Prince. During this time, their operation was exposed and to prevent it from being used by others Roxxon employee Jonas Hale detonated explosives that destroyed the island. There was insufficient evidence to link Roxxon to this activity and thus the corporation managed to evade blame for the incident. (Iron Man v1 #121)

The company later funded a joint-research project with Empire State University for the creation of a new synthetic form of Vibranium. This led to the development of Nuform that was expected to produce a great deal of profit for the corporation. In reality, the synthetic Vibranium degraded into Antarctic Vibranium that consumed any metal near it with Roxxon using microwaves to delay the process. They were aware of the fact that ultimately the metal was flawed but intended to sell its use to create a profit despite the damage it would do to the buyers. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 #25)

Fears over its covert activities being exposed led to Gamelin suppressing attempts at exposing the story about James Melvin. However, it was deemed too much was revealed and Roxxon decided to terminate his employment with the event being masked as the illegal activities of a subsidiary company. Thus, Roxxon moved to shutdown all the operations and facilities of its Brand Corporation subsidiary. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 236)

After being awarded mineral rights to Mars, they conducted a dig on the red planet only for them to encounter a mysterious relic related to the Serpent Crown. The dig was shutdown as a result and all the people involved vanished from official records. The relic was taken back to Earth where it was in the care of a Roxxon executive but was taken from him by Steve Roger's Secret Avengers strike force. (Secret Avengers v1 #1)

Corporate executives from the company's Dubai branch later came to purchase the Japanese island of Kaibutsu Jima that was also known as Monster Island. There were billions of dollars worth of oil beneath the isle that was untapped but it was too dangerous to mine which was why no efforts had been made prior to tap into this resource. At the time, the Japanese government was in need of money and did not think the corporation would go through the expense or efforts to mine the oil. To achieve that goal, they hired Mentallo to lead the expedition where the Roxxon crew came under attack from the island's monstrous inhabitants till Mentallo took control of the creatures minds. However, he went rogue and blackmailed the corporation for money whilst sending the monsters to attack mainland Japan. (Astonishing X-Men v3 #36)

Roxxon later dispatched an operative named Anton Aubuisson to massacres a tribe of Anuquit natives in order to build an oil pipeline but this effort was thwarted by War Machine. (Dark Reign: New Nation v1 #1)

The company was later purchased by Aleksander Lukin who brought it into his Kronas International corporation. (Captain America v5 #9)

Through its subsidiary Blackguard, the corporation managed to acquire data from the Weapon X project through the black market allowing them to create a team of enhanced human operatives known as Strikeforce X. (Wolverine: Weapon X v1 #1)

Llyra who was the Savage She-Hulk began targeting the energy corporations in order to end their devastation of the planet. This resulted in her striking at a fracking site of the Roxxon Corporation with this being interrupted by Doc Green. (Hulk v3 #11)

The Roxxon Island HQ later came under attack from Frost Giants who froze it in the sky as they sought to reclaim the skull of their fallen king Laufey which had been found by the company's mining operation. (Thor v4 #2)

During a meeting with the Universal Bank, Agger was betrayed by his fellow corporate members with him being captured by Exterminatrix who headed the Midas Foundation. This saw an emergency response team being dispatched to rescue him whilst the Agger Imperative doomsday plan was initiated. (The Mighty Thor v2 #9)

In their search for new resources to pillage, the Corporation managed to open a doorway to the mystical planet of Weirdworld. Upon arriving, Dario Agger used a combination of magic and science to launch attack against Morgan le Fay who ruled the lands. They took her by surprise leading to her defeat and her palace was burnt down as she was taken captive. Roxxon then released predators known as Skrullduggers that had been imprisoned within the planet to terrorise the population. Afterwards, they established a facility to serve as Morgan le Fay's prison but also to siphon the mystical energy from her to produce limitless power that could be used to settle energy requirements on Earth. (Weapon H v1 #10) They also funded an archaeological expedition in order to draw out the Ur-Wendigo which attracted the attention of the rogue Weapon H. (Weapon H v1 #2)

When the War of the Realms reached Midgard, Roxxon joined the forces of the Dark Council in participating in the onslaught. This saw them use their resources in order to shut down global communications in order to allow their allies to swarm through against the uncoordinated defenders of the planet. (War of the Realms v1 #1)

After usurping Shadow Base, the Hulk declared war against humanity and started his onslaught against Roxxon where he struck at the Roxxon West server farmer and managed to easily defeat the B.E.S.E.R.K.E.R. squad guarding it. The loss of the facility dealt a serious blow to the corporation who lost access to its social media services and the data contained within them. (Immortal Hulk v1 #27) In an effort to combat the Hulk, Dario Agger recruited the Living Hulk Xemnu who used his mental powers to make everyone forget the Jade Giant ever existed. Whilst there, Xemnu secretly converted the entirety of the Roxxon corporate headquarters employees into cybernetic thralls and later forced Agger through the same process. Afterwards, he was defeated by the Hulk thus ending the danger from both the Living Hulk and from Roxxon. (Immortal Hulk v1 #33)


Their overall plan was to gain world energy monopoly by eradicating any effective private or governmental competition. By the modern age, they claimed that they had Presidents in their pockets and could set citizens against one another at gas pumps whilst they sought even more power. (Marvel Two-In-One v1 #58)

Divisions in Roxxon included:

  • Inter-Realm Investment Division : a division that was known to operate in other dimensions. (Thor v4 #2)
  • Roxxon Blackridge : a private security division of Roxxon that was known to recruit super-powered people as special advisors. (Thunderbolts v2 #113)
  • Department M :
  • Strikeforce B.E.R.S.E.R.K.E.R. : a group of operatives that were infused with Asgardian dragon-blood that turned them into Hulk-like warriors. (The Mighty Thor v1 #10) Each were elite Hulk-level troops who were trained to attack and destroy without hesitation. (Immortal Hulk v1 #27)

Among their creations were:

  • Stasis Formula : developed by the Cybertek division that was a green fluid that aided in healing injuries in a tank and growth of cyborg flesh. (Weapons of Mutant Destruction: Alpha v1 #1)
  • Fly-Spies : small mechanical flies that were designed for surveillance with them equipped with speakers allowing a person to speak through them. (Weapon H v1 #4)
  • Hot Cell : a hand-held energy weapon with the Roxxon model firing a persistent beam once it locked onto a bio-signature. (X-Men v2 #112)
  • Nuform : a form of synthetic Vibranium that was actually unstable which degraded into Antarctic Vibranium that caused any metal to melt with Roxxon treating it with microwaves in an effort to stabilise it but ultimately it simply delayed the transformation. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 #25)
  • Star Well I :

Roxxon had performed a number of genetic experiments on the Brood leading to the creation of a number of hybrids. These included Brood=Wolves that were sent on tracking missions, human-Brood that managed operations, and Brood-Sharks that were crossed with Sharksharks. In addition, they made use of Acanti Skywhales that had cybernetic cockpits grafted onto their bodies. (Weapon H v1 #3) Another example of their genetics research was creating their own version of Man-Thing who was enhanced with DNA taken from a Flora Colossus. (Weapon H v1 #4)

Under Dario Agger, he instituted the Agger Imperative that was a contingency operation to activate if there was ever a hostile take over of Roxxon. When activated, it saw Roxxon Island turned into a massive bomb and sent crashing into Wall Street with Dario wagering that if he could not rule it then no one would be able to claim it. (The Mighty Thor v2 #9)

Among its various corporate headquarters was the floating Roxxon Island that flew high in the skies. (Thor v4 #2) They made use of large floating carriers known as Heliderricks that were used for mining operations. (Free Comic Book Day 2019 Avengers) One of their key facilities was Roxxon West that was a server farm that afforded the company control over its social media aspects. It processed trillions of terrabytes per second and allowed them access to the personal data of service users that was given freely thus allowing them to tailor their responses to control the narrative given to the public. (Immortal Hulk v1 #27)


  • Hugh Jones :
  • Simon Krieger : blonde haired male member that sat on the Board and was in charge of the plot to take control of Stark Industries. (Iron Man: The Iron Age v1 #1)
  • August D'Angelo :
  • John Gamelin : male member of the Board that was in charge of foreign operations. (Iron Man: The Iron Age v1 #1)
  • Jonas Hale :
  • Calvin Halderman :
  • Douglas Bravner :
  • Dario Agger : male dark haired Roxxon C.E.O. who was considered the world's wealthiest psychopath that could transform into the superhuman Minotaur. (Thor v4 #2)
  • Jonas Hale :
  • Arthur Dearborn :
  • Karver : a male scientist who was attempting to create an artificial Bifrost Bridge, he was killed by Black Ant who shrunk himself into Doctor Karvers body and then expanded. (Illuminati v1 #2)


  • Roxxon Energy Corporation was created by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema where they made their first appearance in Captain America v1 #180 (December 1974).

Alternate Versions

  • In Spider-Man 2099 v1 (1992), Roxxon was shown to still exist in the alternate future timeline of 2099.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man v1 #72 (2005), it was shown that the Roxxon Corporation appeared in the Ultimate Marvel universe on Earth-1616. It was shown that one of its divisions was the Roxxon Industries Brain Trust that consisted of its top minds and scientists.
  • In Wolverine: Weapon X v1 #11 (2010), an alternate future set 25 years ahead showed Roxxon dominate the world and spreading into space. This alternate future saw resistance form against them led by the mysterious General leading to the corporation sending their Peacelok cyborgs back in time to kill the resistance leader.

In other media


  • In Avengers Assemble, Roxxon made a number of appearances in the animated series. During season 2's episode "Avengers Disassembled", Ultron became active and started attacking sites with advanced technology where he possessed the Super-Adaptoid to assault Roxxon. The Avengers arrived on the scene to battle Ultron with Captain America who had left the team approaching with SHIELD support after an order was given to protect government assets such as Roxxon.
  • In Agent Carter, Roxxon Oil appeared where it operated in 1946 following World War II and the apparent defeat of Hydra. One of their old abandoned refineries had the technical expertise to develop Howard Stark's Molecular Nitramine chemical for the creation of an implosion bomb in the episode "Now is Not the End". The refinery was destroyed when one of the bombs was activated where it create a large implosion leaving nothing standing at the site. In "Bridge and Tunnel" members of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (S.S.R.) meet with Roxxon Oil's CEO who blamed Howard Stark for the destruction of his refinery. His employees were checked for vita radiation that was generated by the bomb with it being discovered on Miles Van Ert who was interrogated leading to Leet Brannis.
  • In Daredevil, Roxxon Corporation was mentioned in the live-action Netflix television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the episode "Nelson v. Murdock". They were shown as the client of the law firm that employed Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock. The actions of the firm and the ruthless practices of Roxxon led to the pair quit working for their employers in order to start their own practice.
  • In Cloak & Dagger, the Roxxon Corporation appeared in the setting of the live-action television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Video games

  • In Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, a sign was shown that advertised Roxxon which stated "Tank with Roxxon and give your engines s glow". A building belonging to Roxxon was shown to be present in the city.
  • In Marvel Heroes, Roxxon was referenced in the setting of the MMORPG video game.
  • In Marvel Avengers Academy, Roxxon was referenced in the mobile video game where it was shown that they made their own Roxxon Energy Drinks with a lemon-lime.


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