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Ermac is a male video game character that features in Mortal Kombat.



Original Timeline

Ermac was a being native to Outworld who was composed of the souls of numerous dead warriors. It was believed that Shao Kahn had created Ermac with his life force consisting of the souls of extinguished Outworld warriors. Kahn had taken possession of these souls and used them to aid in his tyranny.

Within the Netherrealm, many of Emperor Shao Kahns allies were killed by the demon Ashrah that she desires in order to purify herself. To combat this threat, he dispatched Ermac to combat the warrior in that hellish realm. Once there, Ermac sought for his foe but his quest was hampered by the fact that this realm sapped magic energy with this effect growing in the lower levels. In this time, he encountered the wandering warrior Shujinko and enlisted his aid in finding a Soul Stone to restore his power. After encountering the Stone, Ermacs power were restored and he battled the demon Ashrah.

Reboot Timeline

In an effort to stop Shao Kahn's victory, Raiden sent a warning back through time to his earlier self in order to avert this future. This caused a change in the timeline as Raiden sought to use the incomplete experiences of his future self to prevent that timeline from occurring. During the Mortal Kombat Tournament at Shang Tsung's island, Ermac was brought into the competition as the newly developed creation of Shao Kahn. He was described as the souls of many beings fused into a single body and he battled Liu Kang but was defeated. He later returned to Outworld following Shang Tsung's defeat but a second tournament was held in Shao Kahn's realm. During the midst of his regeneration, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs arrived and inadvertently disturbed Ermac. After awakening, Jax attacked him but Ermac used his telekinesis to rip his arms off leaving him near dying on the floor. During a confrontation with Sub-Zero, Ermac lost the fight allowing for Sonya Blade to take her wounded C.O. back to Earthrealm to be healed.


Personality and attributes

With much of his past shrouded in mystery, Ermac was considered an enigma to all those that had contact with him.

Due to the many souls that inhabited him, Ermac was a composite entity and thus spoke in the third person referring to himself as 'We'.

Powers and abilities

For periods of time, Ermac underwent a period of regeneration where his body disappeared into a mass of souls until they manifested into his corporeal form again.


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