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Etherlight was an organization that featured in the game Infernal.


Etherlight was an agency consisting of mortals on the planet Earth that served as the agents of Heaven in its war against its Hellish counterpart. When the worldwas lost from the sights of Heaven, the leader of Etherlight commanded his agents in a systematic attack in order to destroy Abyss. However, this action would destroy the balance between Heaven and Hell thus leaving Humans without free will.

One of its agents was considered too violent and destructive which was why he was banished from the organization. However, his skills made him a threat which was why he was targeted for termination though this simply pushed him into the ranks of Abyss.

The Cloister was one of the base operated by Etherlight. Its agents had access to Heavenly mana which they used to power a range of supernatural abilities in order to battle the agents of Abyss.

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