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Ryan Lennox was a male character that featured in the game Infernal.


Originally, Ryan Lennox was an agent of Etherlight a group that represented Heaven's interests on Earth and fought against its Hellish counterpart. He was cast out of the group as his practices were considered too extreme but was considered a threat by his former employer. As he met his friend for coffee, he was ambushed by agents of Etherlightthat sought to eliminate him. However, Lennox managed to defeat and evade his captors. Seeing that his options were limited, Ryan approached Abyss and joined them. This provided him a new set of darker powers and helped aid the organization in maintaining its position on Earth.


As an agent of Abyss, Ryan developed demonic powers due to him being an operative of Hell. This allowed him to fire demonic blasts of fiery enery at targets that charged around his gun. When wounded, he was capable of feasting on the soul of the recently deceased allowing him to heal such injuries though he found this somewhat disturbing.

His powers were generated by mana which he recieved in the world at a gradual rate. The use of certain abilities took more mana then others. However, when entering an area that serves as the embodiment of the other side, such as a Church when serving as an agent of Abyss, then his powers were limited and had to siphon them off from other sources in order to maintain this strength.

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