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Eto Yoshimura is a female manga character that features in Tokyo Ghoul.



Eto Yoshimura (in Japanese: エト, Eto) was the daughter of Ghoul father Yoshimura and Human mother named Ukina. The two had fallen in love in the modern age where Ukina gave birth to a naturally occurring One-Eyed Ghoul hybrid. After her birth, her mother began to secretly investigate the mysterious organization known as V who forced Yoshimura to kill his lover as punishment for 'betraying' them. To protect his daughter, Yoshimura entrusted Eto to the care of a Ghoul named Noroi where he left her in the 24th Ward with her mothers diary. In the years afterwards, Noroi came to serve as a foster father for her where she managed to survive in the ward and even became a kakuja whereupon she began a blood rampage. One day, the Commission of Counter Ghoul conducted a routine whack-a-mole operation where a team led by Itsuki Marude travelled into the 24th Ward where they first encountered Eto deep inside the area and were quickly overwhelmed by her. To protect the team, Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator Kasuka Mado stayed behind to allow her comrades to escape thus sacrificing her life and protecting her husband who was a fellow Investigator. Upon C.C.G.s return, they investigated the site to find the scattered remains of Kasuka Mado whose partially devoured body parts were left behind. This resulted in her husband Kureo Mado swearing vengeance with him determined in the elimination in killing Ghouls with this revenge consuming his life


Personality and attributes

She came to be referred to as the One-Eyed Owl by the C.C.G.

Powers and abilities

As a One-Eyed Ghoul, Eto had inherited the powerful physiology of her father alongside the enhanced vigour that was common among hybrids.


  • Eto Yoshimura was created by Sui Ishida where she featured in the setting of Tokyo Ghoul.


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