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The Evolved are a splinter group of humanity that are present in the game KKnD and its sequel.



The Evolved are the remnants of humanity that existed on the surface of the planet Earth after nuclear war devastated the planet. Unlike the rival faction, the Survivors, the Evolved were forced to survive on the radiation-contaminated surface where they began to change from regular humans. They began to form a tribal society and their bodies mutated making them stronger and more able to survive the harsh planet.

They would come into conflict with the Survivors twice in their history and the second time they would encounter the machine armies of the Series 9 robots.


The Evolved live off the land and have nomadic tendencies which force them to keep travelling. They also tamed the many mutated creatures on the planet and harnessed their power for their own purposes. They also developed a religion which stated that the disaster that they suffered was because of their use in vehicles and other forms of technology.


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