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Much to the dismay of her uncle, Felina Feral followed Ulysses' footsteps to become an Enforcer in Megakat City. Rising to the rank of lieutenant she soon proved her worth, diving into whatever situation that may arise with guns blazing. More the type to shoot first and ask questions later Felina's sense of survival and preservation has somewhat been diminished as she embraces action and adventure. Often stated as the best officer on the force Felina does not disappoint. Expert pilot and marksman to the fullest Felina more often than not gets the job done, even though it may not be by a method approved of by Commander Feral. Her only drawbacks are in fact those characteristics that make her unique. Her headstrong attitude has more than once gotten her into trouble, and her overconfidence in certain situations has nearly led to her downfall. Nevertheless, Felina gets back on her feet and back into the action regardless of whatever odds are stacked against her. Unlike her uncle, she trusts and respects the Swat Kats.


  • Felina would've had a starring role in the episode Succubus! (also known as The Curse of Kataluna), a season two episode that was never completed because the show was cancelled. In this, she would've investigated a rash of deaths in Megakat City in which male victims turned up dessicated and drained of life. While patrolling one night, she would've happened upon two gargoyle-like creatures attempting to abduct a construction foreman at Skycor Towers, and fight the monsters with the assistance of T-Bone. She witnessed her uncle gradually age into an old man the longer he dated wealthy heiress Katrina Moorkroft. She and Callie Briggs would've sought the help of Dr. Abby Sinian, who reveals Katrina is actually a succubus draining Feral's lifeforce like the other victims, with the gargoyle creatures serving as the succubus' minions. While spying on her uncle and Katrina at Moorkroft Manor, Felina is captured by Katrina's servants Otto and Laszlo, but rescued by the Swat Kats. With their help, she is able to save her uncle from the succubus' clutches.
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