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The Ferai were a race that featured in the game Primal.


The Ferai were a demonic race that lived in the world of Solum and were aligned with the forces of Order. They were a race of hunters who lived in a highly structured society with rituals that sometimes made them appear as brutal. When the King of the Ferai Herne failed to sacrifice himself as tradition dictated, it threw the realm out of alignment thus feeding the forces of Chaos.

Ferai society is governed by a King and their tradition dictated that at the height of his power, he was to sacrifice himself in order to pass the Burning Crown to his heir which was the typical method of royal sacrifice.

Among the tribesmen of the Ferai, there exists the position of Shaman who are holy people of their race. Part of their beliefs meant that they were forbidden from entering the grounds of the Necropolis as it was sacred to the Ferai people.

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