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The realm of Oblivion was the name given to the collective worlds within the Primal universe.



The world of Mortalis is the name given to the planet Earths who's Human inhabitants live in ignorance about the existence of other realms beyond their own.


The Nexus serves as the medium through which individuals can travel through the various realms through the use of Rift Gates. It is within this massive temple-like realm lies Chronos who helps to maintain the parallel primal energies of the four elemental worlds.


One of the harsher of the realms where the sun never shines with an eternal winter and night blanketing the ground which freezes the soul. Its somewhat reminiscent of Ancient Rome with columns high enough to reach the gods as well as areans made to honour the brave and the strong. The Great Temple resides in Solum where the Ferai pray to the gods.

When Herne failed to reliquish the throne to his heir, the lands began to suffer after several moons had passed which brought about numerous earthquakes. The tribesmen of Solum as well as the world are both suffering due to the aging health of its King.

This world is home to the demonic Ferai who rule the lands. In addition, the animal Malkai are also native to this realm who can smell fear but are afraid of fire.


Aquis is a realm dominated by water with skies of golden hues of an everlasting sunset. The waters themselves are poisonous to all but the massive sea monstess and exotically evolved life within them. Despite this, the hardy Undine have established an underwater society through specially crafted machinery. These machines filter the water and purify it which allows the Undine to maintain their society.

Its few landmasses were populated by large crab-like monsters.


A mountainous realm filled with clouds, Aetha's mountainsides are so steep and treacherous that its inhabitants are forced to live solely on the plateaus and those peaks that jut above cloud level.


One of the harhest of the realms, Volca is a scorched barren desert which is dominated by its sole single feature which is a vast volcano. Inside this volcano lies a network of chambers and tunnels that house the fire loving Djinn race.

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