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Fire Power was a robotic war machine that featured in Iron Man the animated series.


The machine that was Fire Power was a joint venture between Justin Hammer's corporation and the U.S. government when Iron Man seemed to have gone rogue. The robot was revealed at a press conference which demonstrated the capabilities of the machine with Fire Power using its arsenal of weaponry to destroy remote air craft as well as tanks. After the demonstration was complete, Hammer said that Fire Power had only a single purpose which was ensuring the safety of the world by the destruction of Iron man.

Upon seeing the demonstration on TV, Tony Stark wore the Iron Man suit and attacked Fire Power after realizing taht Justin Hammer was responsible for stealing his technology and incorporating them into the machine. After evading the machines weaponry, Iron Man managed to plant a Negator Pack on it but discovered that it was not working. This allowed Fire Power to damage Iron man and later seemingly destroy him in battle.

With the threat of Iron Man gone, Justin Hammer secretly gave new directives to Fire Power which was the complete disassembly of Stark Enterprises. To that end, Fire Power began attacking Stark property and destroying them. Destroying numerous facilities as well as an aircraft, Fire Power was confronted at another Stark building where it was confronted by Iron Man in an enhanced exo-armor. After a short battle, the unit attempted to launch its neutron warhead at Stark Towers but was badly damaged by Iron man who disarmed the warhead. The remains of the units database was then accessed by Iron man.


Fire Power was unique in its appearance as it resembled a walker design with two legs and a dark grey chassis with two sharp fins at the end. It possessed two arms which contained miniguns that were capable of shredding air craft. By its shoulders were missile launcher battery capable of launching a warheads at targets that size of tanks and destroying them in the process. Its chin was capable of opening to reveal a beam weapon.

The armor of Fire Power was capable of handling a great deal of punishment. The leg mechanisms of the unit were equipped with boosters allowing Fire Power to fly in the air giving it a great deal of mobility. Its cranial circuitry was capable of being overloaded temporary though it did not leave the unit out of commission. Its ultimately weapon was hidden inside the armor was a neutron warhead that was capable destroying an entire region as well as leaving it irradiated.

The robot had a basic artificial intelligence which made it focused on its goal and attacked its targets with persistence. The technology was based on Tony Stark's technology but the machine was immune to Negator Packs due to improvements made by Justin Hammer.


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