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Five-U-93-R is an object seen in DC Comics Injustice: Gods Among Us.



Five-U-93-R was created in a parallel universe where Metropolis was destroyed at the hands of the Joker who rigged a nuclear bomb to explode and tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane. This was under the mistaken belief that he was fighting Doomsday. As a result, Superman in a rage was responsible for killing the Joker and embarking in a campaign of bringing the world under a dictatorship under his rule. This was under the belief that it was better for the world to in fear and under his control instead of allowing criminals free reign. To that end, he began executing criminals and only pardoned those that agreed to obey him. Many of his former allies followed Superman either in fear or mistaken belief with those that did not being killed. These chain of events led to the formation of the One Earth government that dominated the world. In this alternate world, Superman created a drug made from nanotechnology derived from the Kryptonians civilization for his forces in order to enhance their performance. During this time, one person that opposed Superman's tyranny was Batman who led the Insurgency against him and the One Earth forces. During this time, he acquired samples of Five-U-93-R which he distributed to the Insurgents and their allies in the Joker Clan which were being led by Harley Quinn.

Seeking to stop Superman, the alternate Batman with the aid of his worlds Lex Luthor created a machine to bring Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Green Lantern from the mainstream Earth to their planet. This was because their genetic coding would allow him access to a weapon created to stop Superman should he ever go out of control. During this time, the mainstream Green Arrow was provided Five-U-93-R to better prepare him against the One Earth forces. In the meantime, one of the people accidently brought over to the alternate Earth was the Joker who was found by that reality's Harley Quinn whereupon he was brought to the Joker Clan. He urged them to rise up against Superman and ingested Five-U-93-R which saved his life when the One Earth forces raided the Joker Clan's base.


In appearance, the substance took the form of a simple capsule but it was actually composed of highly advanced Kryptonian nanotech. It was described as being a durability enhancer that increased the users ability to withstand harm and even allowed them to survive numerous gunshots without harm. The pills functioned by increasing tensile strength of bone and tissue by a factor of several thousand percent.


  • Injustice: Gods Among Us: (2013)

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