Five Sepulchers (Poltergeist: The Legacy)

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The Five Sepluchers are artifacts that featured in Poltergeist: The Legacy.


According to the ancient scriptures, God appointed five of his most trusted angels to watch over the affairs of men. However, they turned to evil and became the first of the five fallen angels who became known as the "The Watchers Who Fell From Grace". After their fall, they began to wreak havoc amongst mankind by mating with women who they were supposed to protect. They were finally subdued and imprisoned by the Druids who trapped them within five chests where they were to remain for the rest of time. In order to free the true evil within, the sepulchers must be arranged in an pentagram formation with a single key for each of the different chests being required to open them. In order to destroy them, it is required that all five chests be found.

Winston Rayne discovered the first chest in Peru whereupon he was killed. After which, his son Derek tracked down three more chests with the final one being found in Ireland after he had recieved a vision of it. The sepulchers were later transfered to the Legacy's San Francisco's House where they were to be destroyed.


  • Poltergeist: The Legacy - Pilot

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