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Flexarium is a substance that features in Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters.



Flexarium was an experimental mutagenic substance that was created by Jonathan Rook's company Rook Unlimited that operated in Charter City. The concept for the compound was first developed by Dr. Racine Cleo who worked alongside Jonathan Rook. For a decade, Jonathan Rook had been working on the compound and had an existing program of research to study its effects. Dr. Cleo along with a team of scientists was working on a next generation version of the compound known as Hyperflexarium but she disappeared and Rook attempting though failing to replicate her work. One day, three intruders into the Rook Unlimited laboratory accidentally were exposed to Flexarium thus gaining superpowers related to the substance. For months, the mysterious Blindstrike struck at various Rook Unlimited facilities involved in Flexarium research but could not be caught by the security forces with the saboteur possessing Flexarium-based weapons. During attempted clean-up operations, Dr. Don Robertson was also exposed though this contact ultimately mutated him into a monstrous creature that wanted revenge against Jonathan Rook. Rook Unlimited later hired the prior subjects to become a team of superheroes known as the Flex Fighters whose presence in the company also helped further the research project on the cutting edge compound. A hacker named Circuit-Stream who hated Jonathan Rook was found by a mysterious being known as the Stretch Monster with the pair entering into an alliance with one another. Circuit-Stream provided the Stretch Monster coordinates for a Flexarium shipment which the villain stole and provided a vial of the substance to the hacker who they injected it into himself where he gained superpowers. With the ability to phase and hack technology, Circuit-Stream decided to target Rook Unlimited as part of his efforts to take down the business empire of Jonathan Rook. A mysterious individual was later responsible for providing Flexarium-based weaponry to a pair of mercenaries known as the Freak Sisters. After encountering the Flexarium-based weapons of the Freak Sisters, Jonathan Rook constructed drones based on the technology with these being Stretchipedes designed to aid the Flex Fighters. The machines were later hacked by the Stretch Monster who used them to cause damage to the city until the Flex Fighters confronted him.


In appearance, it resembled a gelatinous blue liquid that had mutagenic properties when exposed to organic matter. Thus, those that were exposed to it were transformed and gained superpowers as a result. It was considered a cutting edge compound that could stretch to incredible lengths yet still hold its strength with it capable of being lighter than air or as dense as lead. Despite its versatility, Flexarium was noted for having its limits with the full weaknesses of it still being studied. Its properties meant that it could be used in a wide range of fields including construction, vehicles and even in clothing. Flexarium was noted for having a number of variant compounds. Another version of the compound was Hyperflexarium that was superior and able to bond with organic compounds but was experimental with few able to replicate it.

Specialised equipment was shown to be capable of drawing out Flexarium from living bodies thus returning the subject back to normal.


  • Jake Armstrong : a young blonde haired male student who was an overachiever where one day he alongside his friends broke into Rook Unlimited's warehouse where they were exposed to Flexarium giving them elastic-based powers with him becoming a superhero named Stretch who could stretch his limbs to great distances.
  • Nathan Park : a young black haired Asian male student who alongside his friends broke into Rook Unlimited's warehouse where they were exposed to Flexarium giving them elastic-based powers with him becoming a superhero named Wingspan who could retract skin underneath his arms to give him the ability to glide and fly.
  • Ricardo Perez : a black male student who alongside his friends broke into Rook Unlimited's warehouse where they were exposed to Flexarium giving them elastic-based powers with him becoming a superhero named Omni-Mass that could enlarge his limbs such as hands or feet.
  • Don Robertson : a male scientist at Rook Unlimited who was accidental exposed to Flexarium thus transforming into the large granite-skinned Multi-Farious who could separate portions of his body and blamed Jonathan Rook for being turned into a monster.
  • Circuit-Stream : an amateur hacker who hated Jonathan Rook where he found himself in an alliance with the Stretch Monsters who provided him a sample of Flexarium that he injected into himself giving him the power to phase through objects as well as hack technology.
  • Freak Sisters : Kari and Mari Freak who served as mercenaries that used Flexarium-based weaponry with this primarily being helmets that had tentacles made of the substance to aid them in the field whilst they used guns that shot out Flexarium at targets.


  • Flexarium featured in the setting of Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters.


  • Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters:

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