Food of the Gods

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The so-called "Food of the Gods" was coined by Mr. Bensington when he and his colleague, Professor Redwood, created an artificial good additive which induced growth. Afterward Bensington decided the name sounded too sensational and thus the additive's name was changed to Herakleophorbia IV (after the Roman name of the mythical Hercules).

Food of the Gods (1976 film)

The "food," which is never given a proper scientific name, bubbles mysteriously out of the ground and vaguely resembles runny outmeal. It is discovered by Mr. and Mrs. Skinner, who feed it to their livestock. It's name is derived by their belief that the substance is a gift from God. The Skinners attempted to sell the substance to businessman Jack Bensington. Jars containing the "food" were washed into a river after Morgan blew up a dam to kill the giant rats that resulted, where it was drunk by dairy cows. The cows' contaminated milk was subsequently drunk by schoolchildren. The outcome of this is not known.

Gnaw: Food of the Gods II

The "food" is an accidental hormone concoction created by Dr. Kate Travis. Her experimental growth formula (possibly created from the earlier "food"), intended to use to treat growth disorders in children, combined with an unknown agent in the blood of Bobby. It is the resulting green-colored liquid mixture of Travis' formula and Bobby's blood which results in the gigantism-inducing side-effects. Its name was coined by Neil Hamilton's assistant Joshua, who envisioned its use to end world hunger. At the behest of Travis, Neil diligently worked to create an antidote to the formula. Despite complications in the form of a second generation of giant rats, and his meddling rival Edmond Delhurst (who dies as a result of combining the formula with cancer), Neil completes his task, but too late.

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