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The Forge Project was scientific experiment sponsored by the Taelons on Earth in Earth: Final Conflict.


The Taelons began development of a secret project that was tasked with harnessing the Earths magma to serve as a weapon that would be used against Jaridian forces. Once the mining was complete, an interdimensional gateway was used to fire the magma into the enemy fleet. Though a powerful weapon; it ended up harming the planet Earth and neighbouring space more so then the enemy. This was because the constant firing of the magma through interdimensional space was creating a stable wormhole from Earth to the Jaridian fleet allowing a Jaridian fleet to come directly to the planet.

Liam Kincaid and Da'an managed to prevent this from occuring by ejecting an interdimensional drive within the wormhole which was destroyed by a Jaridian Sokara class cruiser which collapsed the wormhole. (Hero's and Heartbreak)

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