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The Forge of Creation is a location that features in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.



The Forge of Creation was a region of space which was described as being the source of the universes greatest power and where ideas became real. It was the home of the Celestialsapiens and where other members of their kind were born. The area of space where the Forge was located was outside the known universe and was in a region of space where instruments did not detect anything along with no stars being present. As such, the Forge of Creation was located in the space beyond universes and was enclosed in a chrono-randomization barrier that meant it was out of sync with all time. This made it inaccessible without coordinates being provided to the location by the Map of Infinity. Despite acquiring a Celestialsapien for the Ultimatrix, Azmuth was unaware of where the Forge of Creation was located. According to Professor Paradox, he was the one who supposedly hid the site.

In modern times, the alien supervillain known as Aggregor assembled the four pieces of the Map of Infinity thus allowing him to find the route to the Forge of Creation. Upon learning this, Azmuth believed all was lost as he revealed he did not know where the site was as that was the entire purpose of hiding it. Furthermore, Aggregor intended to travel to the site and gain the powers of a newborn Celestialsapien thus becoming an omnipotent being of terrifying power. In order to find the location to the site, Ben Tennyson removed the lock on his Ultimatrix that prevented him from becoming Alien X. However, he was unable to get the information he needed though the arrival of Paradox allowed them to not only learn from both him and Azmuth about the Forge of Creation but also the Professor guided them to the site. However, upon entry, he revealed that he was unable to go any further and tasked Tennyson, Gwen and Kevin Levin to stop Aggregor from achieving his goals.

After passing the barrier, their vessel got stuck and during an attempt to free it - Ben Tennyson accidently fell through the white dimensional barrier but was saved by Gwen. The incident, however, led to the emergence of Ben's younger self who was accidently brought into the future as a result.


As it was enclosed with a chrono-randomization barrier, the Forge was effectively outside time itself thus preventing the majority of outsiders from ever being able to find it without the Map of Infinity. However, certain beings such as the timewalker Professor Paradox were able to pierce the barrier and even create an environment liveable to normal beings that needed such life support. Within the nebulas that populated this location where sites where newborn Celestialsapiens were born. The area outside the Forge consisted nothing but the dark void with no stars being present whilst the penetration of the barrier consisted of an area of complete whiteness. This part of the Forge was able to connect to different parts of the timestream and even bring people from the past to the future.


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