Francis Peacock

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Francis Peacock.

Dr. Francis Peacock was ostensibly a psychiatrist trained in the 'treatment' of superheroes, Dr. Francis Peacock owned and operated the Francis Peacock Superhero Deprogramming Center. He was contacted by Arthur's mother, Bea, and his sister, Dot, when Arthur 'came out' to them as a superhero. Although initially it seemed as though Francis genuinely wanted to help Arthur and believed that superherodom was just an unregulated and potentially self-destructive desire to help others, Francis' true motives were not so noble.

Dr. Peacock was actually secretly jealous of superheroes, and so kept them in his hospital and lied to them, telling them that they were insane because they wanted to do good. He would confiscate their costumes and secretly wear them in the privacy of his office, something Arthur discovered when he snuck in the office to use the phone to call Captain Liberty and Batmanuel. In response to this, Francis had Arthur locked in a padded cell, but soon Captain Liberty, Batmanuel, Bea, Dot, and of course Tick came and put an end to Francis' selfish mistreatment of the 'crazy' superheroes in his custody.

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