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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is a male villain that features in Bungo Stray Dogs.



Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was a male human who was a gifted ability user that arose in the United States of America. It was known that he was married with him and his wife having a daughter. However, at some point, their daughter passed away with the event traumatising his wife causing her to suffer from a mental illness. Confined to their home, she came to believe that her child was simply abroad in London with Fitzgerald perpetuating this lie as it eased his wife. He had regularly called his wife on the phone and told her that he was spending money to keep their daughter happy during her studies. Fitzgerald during these years became determined to find a means of bringing his daughter back to life and restoring his family. In time, he came to head the American organization of gifted that was known as the Guild.

In reality, his power consumed his $500,000 wedding ring thus reinforcing his body and allowing him to survive the fall to the surface. However, he had become a broken man over his defeat as he had lost any drive to succeed with him living as a beggar that asked for money. During this time, Louise Alcott managed to track him down where she sought to persuade him to return to lead the remnants of the Guild. Fitzgerald refused as he said he had lost everything and asked her never to approach him again. After he left, a group of criminals attacked Alcott and intended to kill her as the were looking for Sir Francis's location as they wanted to pillage the remains of the Guild. This saw Fitzgerald intervene to save Louise who gave all her remaining fortune to him in exchange for him returning to the Guild. He accepted and used his power to defeat the criminals using Louise's inheritance whereupon they set about finding the 'book' he had sought in Japan. Louise was responsible for the strategy in acquiring the item with Sir Francis setting about restoring his business empire. He decided to buy out the Secret Services and using his limited funding to take over a military defence contractor with this fortune being the basis for a renewed Guild.

He later assisted Osamu Dazai by using the algorithm of the 'Eyes of God' to track the location of Fyodor Dostoevsky. This allowed for the capture of the Rats of the House of the Dead leader with this being done in exchange for Francis being given the remaining property of the Guild.


Personality and attributes

He said that he did not like it when people rejected his offers or ignored him.

Francis stated also that typically if something was lost to him then he paid it no mind but he refused to allow scavengers to take up his scraps.

The death of his daughter greatly impacted his family as it led to his wife becoming emotionally unstable and withdrawn. This motivated Francis in finding the Book where he intended to use its powers to restore his daughter to life and thus reunite his family together.

Powers and abilities

As a gifted, Francis had a number of superhuman abilities as a result of his special power. His gift was known as the The Great Fitzgerald (華麗なるフィッツジェラルド, Kareinaru Fittsujerarudo?) that was tied to his fortune. By spending his money, the currency was converted into power that amplified his existing strength, endurance, speed and similar traits. Thus, spending 100,000 dollars increased his powers by that level allowing him to combat other gifted. In more extreme cases, he could spend money to the point that it increased his durability to survive a crash equivalent of an explosion that destroyed a city.



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