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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is a male villain that features in Bungo Stray Dogs.



It was known that he was married with him and his wife having a daughter. However, at some point, their daughter passed away with the event traumatising his wife causing her to suffer from a mental illness. Confined to their home, she came to believe that her child was simply abroad in London with Fitzgerald perpetuating this lie as it eased his wife. He had regularly called his wife on the phone and told her that he was spending money to keep their daughter happy during her studies. Fitzgerald during these years became determined to find a means of bringing his daughter back to life and restoring his family. In time, he came to head the American organization of gifted that was known as the Guild.


Personality and attributes

He said that he did not like it when people rejected his offers or ignored him.

Powers and abilities

As a gifted, Francis had a number of superhuman abilities as a result of his special power. His gift was known as the The Great Fitzgerald that was tied to his fortune. By spending his money, the currency was converted into power that amplified his existing strength, endurance, speed and similar traits. Thus, spending 100,000 dollars increased his powers by that level allowing him to combat other gifted. In more extreme cases, he could spend money to the point that it increased his durability to survive a crash equivalent of an explosion that destroyed a city.



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