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Fred Clarkson was a British soldier fighting in Africa during World War II. He served under Captain Jason Halliday. He was hoping to make it home because he had a girlfriend waiting for him. He was among Halliday's men when the surviving British troops opted to join forces and hitch a ride aboard Sergeant Joe Gunn's M3 Lee tank.

When the group met up with Sergeant Major Tambul, who offered to guide them to a well at Hassan Barani, they were attacked by a Luftwaffe fighter plane flown by Captain von Schletow, who made numerous attempts to strafe the soldiers. Only Clarkson, who under the Lee, was hit. After von Schletow was shot down using the Lee's machine gun and taken prisoner, the others discovered the wounded Clarkson. He was badly injured but alive. He eventually died when the group reached Hassan Barani, and was buried there.

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