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Sir Frederick

Sir Frederick Travers was the head of the local constabulary where Jasper and Irene Herrick lived, and was a close friend of theirs. Sir Frederick's legal expertise was called upon in the very brief suit brought against the Herricks by Robert Griffin and Jim Feeney. Travers' mere presence frightened Feeney so much he immediately dropped the case. Later, reports began coming in to Travers' office about an invisible man, which Sir Frederick wrote off as nonsense, even though visiting reporter (as well as Julie Herrick's boyfriend) Mark Foster believed them. Until the murder of local scientist Peter Drury, however. Prior to his death Drury had called Travers' office and asked to speak to Mark Foster.

By the time Foster and one of Travers' men got to Drury's house, however, the scientist was dead, murdered by Robert Griffin. Later, Travers learned from a local man that he had picked up Griffin not far from Drury's home and taken him to the Herrick residence. There, Frederick discovered, a mysterious man named Martin Field had apparently seized control and lorded over the house. It didn't take long for Travers to figure out that "Field" was in fact Griffin, who used blood transfusions to become temporarily visible again. Travers along with Jasper managed to stop Griffin from exsanguinating Mark Foster for this purpose, and although Griffin escaped from them, he wound up being killed by Dr. Drury's dog Brutus, as revenge for murdering his owner. Travers lamented afterwards how ironic it was.

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