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The Freedom Fighters are a team that features in DC Comics.







  • Uncle Sam :
  • Black Condor :
  • Human Bomb
  • Phantom Lady :
  • The Ray :


  • The Freedom Fighters were created by Len Wein and Dick Dillin where they made their first appearance in Justice League of America v1 #107 (October, 1973).

Alternate Versions

  • In Superman/Batman v1 #15 (2005), the timeline was altered by the actions of the Legion of Super-Villains who sought to change history by raising Superman and Batman. On this world, Wonder Woman was guided by the Fates who informed her that history had been altered with them guiding her in correcting the timeline. To that end, she found Uncle Sam and together the pair went about assembling the Freedom Fighters to fight the tyranny of Superman and Batman.

In other media


  • In the Arrowverse, the Freedom Fighters made multiple appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In the Freedom Fighters: The Ray, the team appeared in the prequel animated television series that was set before the cross over episodes. It was said to be a band of resistance fighters that opposed the Nazi forces that had taken control of Earth-X. Among their members included the Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado, Vibe and Doll Man. This band of superhuman fighters were confronted by the Nazi Reischmen who devastated their ranks and sought to acquire the neural cortex of the damaged Red Tornado android.
    • In The Flash, the Freedom Fighters first appeared in the four part "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover story. They were shown as inhabitants of Earth-X where they opposed the tyranny of the Nazi regime that ruled their world.


  • Justice League of America:
  • Superman/Batman:

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