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The Freelancers are a group that features in Continuum.



It was said that their origins were traced to when City Protective Services agent Keira Cameron and Liber8 when back to the modern day through time travel. This event led to the propagation of time travelling technology that was used by criminals for their own objectives. The devastation caused for the control of history leading to a temporal war for the control of time itself. On individual would seek to control time travel and go backwards in time to found an organization to patrol its use. It was this group that was responsible for forming the Freelancers that operated secretly in society. They claimed that they had served as the guardians of the timeline for a 1,000 years where they sought to ensure the continuity of their continuum. (Episode: Minute by Minute)


According to them, they served as the custodians of history and sought to ensure its continuity. To accomplish this, they would have agents operating during local portions of the timeline and restricted themselves from time travelling unless it afforded them a strategic advantage. Keira would comment that their activities resembled that of a cult. (Episode: Minute by Minute)

Some senior members that were responsible for the management of prisoners was the Keepers of the Cells. (Episode: Minute by Minute)

One of the pieces of technology available to them was a distant cousin of the time traveling Quantum Device. This resembled a chair and when a person sat on it they were enclosed by numerous strips of metal that began rotating whilst the machine put the person through time. (Episode: Minute by Minute)


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