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Baron Friedrich von Schoenvorts was a lieutenant in the German navy during World War I. He commanded the German submarine U-33 and was a ruthless and remorseless marauder who indiscriminately sank both neutral and enemy ships in the Atlantic during the war. On June 3rd, 1916, the U-33 torpedoed an American ship without provocation, earning him the ire of Bowen Tyler. Shortly thereafter the U-33 was captured by the crew of a British ship, led by Tyler and, remarkably, von Schoenvorts' fienacee Lys La Rue. Von Schoenvorts refused to relinquish command of the sub to Tyler and spent most of the voyage to Caprona in irons.

Once in Caprona, von Schoenvorts grudgingly agreed to a truce between himself and the British, and cooperated with Tyler and Bradley. He and Olson later found oil which the castaways refined into fuel under von Schoenvorts' direction. After they had refined enough fuel, von Schoenvorts waited until Tyler had left with a hunting party before he shelled Fort Dinosaur with the U-33's guns, killing all but Olson, Whitely and Wilson, who von Schoenvorts captured and used as forced labor to load the fuel drums onto the sub, intending to leave the others behind. But he was ambushed by Bradley and Co-Tan, who took von Schoenvorts hostage and forced his men to surrender. Short afterward von Schoenvorts was killed by one of his own crew, as revenge for the inhumane treatment he had endured under von Schoenvorts' command.

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